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Yes; we all knew it, and it has taken a while for someone in the media to stick their neck over the parapet…good on this reporter!!! 

As time goes on more and more evidence is being uncovered about the 18th of Sept 2014 independence referendum being fiddled and manipulated.

The latest story comes from the Sunday Post newspaper – it amazes me why the reports have taken so long to surface considering every man and his dog knew there was a Westminster engineered conspiracy attempt even before anybody marked their voting papers.

Nobody in Scotland who had a vote liked the ideas that sprouted in the last few weeks before the 18th of September  2014 when we were visited by three political heavyweights inciting the voters to vote for Westminster, which had nothing to do with them but was set up to interfere with Scottish voters straight thinking – this was political corruption at it’s lowest level, with a mixture of dirt and illegal manoeuvres.

Nobody seems to be picking up on the facts that a million voters had cast their votes BEFORE the 18th of September 2014, so these three political heavyweights were committing the worst kind of political dirt manufacturing although they must have known they were wiping their feet on the Scottish electorate.

Once again Scotland has been led astray by political crap which we should never have been subject to, hopefully the Scottish Government will be much harder in the future – we can only hope that when Scotland votes again the Scottish Government will be forced into action to prove the votes from Scotland’s citizens are well chosen.

The story from the Sunday Post can be found here;; 

Election Scotland Freedom of Information Request

Election Scotland Freedom of Information Request.

Election Scotland Freedom of Information Requests?






We were told thousands of complaints were made to Election Scotland yet

nothing has been said or heard of since.

The above screen caputre can be found here;

This website is about to formally request that we get answers to this subject, we intend to ask the following questions to Election Scotland regarding the vote on the 18th of September.

1/How many complaints were made by members of the public and other relevent bodies before, during and after the Sottish referendum vote held in Scotland on the 18th of September 2014.

2/How many complaints are still pending and how many have been concluded?

3/What actions are taking place?

4/How many complaints have been received regarding all vote-rigging claims?

5/How many complaints recieved regarding Ruth Davidson MSP and conservative agents alleged counting of postal votes before polling day?

You can either ask the same questions or your own and wait to see the answers and report back here with your findings?

Just to make you aware the electoral commission had nothing to do with this vote it was left to all council areas so you need to find your local returning office. or, BBC Apprentice Shambles or, BBC Apprentice Shambles.

How can the BBC along with Lord Sugar manage such a cockup beggars believe CLIMB ONLINE was a failure before it even began.

Watching the apprentice on the BBC was one of the most bizarre British Business TV Programs of the year, just how you can get the most bright of young business hopefuls to end up winning with an online YELL type business model when no one even noticed all the domains were taken including the assembled experts at the presentation shows every single person including Lord Sugar is either incompetent or clueless or both!

When we watched Mark Wright’s idea on fold it was obvious to us the guy lost the plot, first thing we did was go to and two of the best domain sellers in the UK all domains were already taken by climbers how on earth no-one from Sugars empire spotted the cockup shows internet marketing was not one of their strong points yet they said they were.

We are true SEO experts throughout the world, Mark did not have a clue about search engine optimisation the closest he got to the model was YELL.COM how they do it is by offering businesses certain keywords for their businesses locally and paying search engines for top ad placements and charged at rateable values, Mark Wright wanted to charge £400 a time, they could never compete with Yell and was doomed to failure.

But as we said we are the real SEO experts here lets show you just how daft this idea was lets take his words he used himself “plumbing in London” in Google UK search here are the results;

The top three are google adverts, cant get here unless the client joins Google Adwords great idea but no need for climb online advice as google provides and is cheaper in any case.

Next Google lists registered businesses and addresses this is a google free service which IF you and true SEO expert this is a free service to the client.

The next set of results are from trade portals where yet again would be cheaper to join, then you have YELL who has a proven track record but can only get to the bottom of page one then there’s Gumtree THAT’S another free service.

Point is either lord Sugar was fully aware this was a non-starter and had no intention of investment or he’s as thick as mince to fall for one of the worst business plans in the history of the BBC show that makes British Business a laughing stock of the world.

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The Telegraph published this story below about the Scottish people; and pay attention to what the leaders of the NO CAMPAIGN said to David Cameron and they wonder why everyone in Scotland now wants another chance to break free proves the English just do not get it at all?

Reading the crap below shows the union does not work, it’s only there for the English no other country matters at all, it only proves the 45 made the right choice then and more and more Scots are feeling the same way!

If Scottish MP’s can’t vote on English matters then the next vote should only be for Scottish born to vote on our own future; not outsiders living here that was the game changer it’s our country it should only be Scots born that decides Scotland’s future!

If you go and live in other countries very few of them will give you the right to vote in their country yet no-one says naff all so why was Scotland any different perhaps Scottish born did vote yes and the not born here stopped it!

If its good enough for the English to block Scottish MP’s at Westminster then why can’t only Scottish born only, vote in the next referendum which will be mandated for in GE 2015 with a huge vote for the SNP this is why Scottish labour are going no-where and were nuts to follow such madness from their English HQ which this website fully warned them of at the time.

Yesterday the Guardian published an extensive feature into “The real story of the Scottish referendum”. It included the following insights. “[Alistair] Darling telephoned Cameron to warn him against using the moment of victory to demand English votes for English laws at Westminster. If he did so at this sensitive moment, rather than waiting to address the matter in due time, Darling reportedly told Cameron, he would let Alex Salmond back in the front door”. Danny Alexander accused Cameron of, “trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”. Gordon Brown, apparently, “telephoned the cabinet secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, to express his dismay. The highest civil servant in the land was warned by Brown that the pro-UK parties would pay a big price for the announcement, which he regarded as a disaster.”

Were Darling, Alexander and Brown being serious? Is Scotland being serious?

We are part of a political union. It is a union that was reaffirmed, by the Scottish people, a couple of months ago. And we all have a stake in that union. Even us knuckle-draggers south of the border.

Do the people and politicians of Scotland honestly think the rest of the United Kingdom is going to simply sit back while they carry on the way they’ve been carrying on before, during and after September’s referendum? Do they genuinely believe they can continue demanding a series of referendums on independence in perpetuity, until they get the result right, or get bored of asking the question? When Jim Murphy boasts “what happens in Scotland will be decided in Scotland” does he not wonder what conclusion his English colleagues and the people they represent will draw? Did Darling, Brown and Alexander honestly think they could unilaterally rewrite the UK constitution, and offer “Scottish Home Rule”, funded via the Barnett Formula, without any English reaction at all?

Scotland is a nation that has become drunk on constitutional arrogance and self-righteousness. “We might stay in the union. We might not stay in the union. We’ll let you know when we’re good and ready.” “Better off together? Forget that. You keep your noses out. What happens in Scotland will be decided in Scotland.” “What? You want English votes for English laws? Who the hell do you think you are? You can talk about that in due time. Now shut up, and keep writing the cheques, or we’re off.”

Well, Scotland can stay drunk if it wants. But England isn’t going to keep picking up the tab. These issues didn’t really matter much in England so long as they remained on the political back-burner. But the Scots keep insisting on pushing them onto the front burner. And in Ukip, England now has its very own SNP. English votes for English laws are the minimum that is required to head off a serious backlash.

I’m not sure what’s going on in Scotland at the moment, and I’m not sure I want to know. But I know this. Diana has gone. And someone up there has to start to get a grip.

The above expose from the Telegraph proves England really are out of touch with the Scottish electorate and whoever wrote this story must write a thousand times; I know nothing about Scotland or it’s people and I must not write crap like this ever again!



So Called leader of the House of Commons…


Is Scotland being screwed by England? It certainly looks as if they are doing their best to make sure any possible sliver of power intended by the so called Smith commission is going to be harassed to death first – I’m sure the Smith Commission did not vote for anything with the premise; “if you get this then we’ll blackmail you to get that”!


In the shadow of the Scottish Independence Vote we now have the leader of the House of Commons W. Hague encouraging undemocratic voting which is something this existing government is getting renowned for.

1/ Banning SCOTTISH MPs from voting on legislation
2/ Increasing ENGLISH MPs oversight of ENGLISH legislation BEFORE it reaches a final vote in the Commons
3/ Giving ENGLISH MPs an effective veto over legislation BEFORE it reaches it’s third reading
4/ A grand committee of ENGLISH MPs to scrutinise ENGLISH only legislation

For the leader of the House of Commons to even suggest this it shows his interests are not in the whole of the British people so therefore he should be sacked as he has proven he is unworthy of his office, his office is a privilege and an honour and must not be abused.
This is worse than simple political advantage by the Tories and Lib Dems, this is the end of democracy as we in Scotland have come to know it, although in Scotland we do not know it and never have known proper democracy.


So what we are watching is the evil plans of the EVEL think tank! – in the wake of the Scottish independence vote, the set-up by the Tory administration called the Smith Commission has in fact been a smokescreen to bring in this legislation – you doubt this? then ask yourself why did David Cameron come out with the Smith Commission plan so quickly – the answer is all those people in effect were already waiting in the wings after they engineered the whole fiasco which had already been planned.


This plan which Hague has introduced will have a huge effect on Ireland, Wales and Scotland with all those MPs being banned from voting for something which we the public have voted them in for – this is NOT a vote which should be settled within the House of Commons – this is a vote which should be given to the whole population of the U.K. but it is unlikely to be decided by the whole population as this would be democratic and they have already proven they cannot and would not have democracy in 2014 Britain (except in England).


Westminster’s commitment to delivering additional powers for Scotland has been called into question again today – after a senior Tory said that his party’s MPs would refuse to implement any new powers for Scotland
Former Tory Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine has suggested that his party’s MPs could block more powers unless Scottish MPs are banned from voting on key issues in the House of Commons – which media reports suggest senior Tory ministers believe should include issues such as income tax and benefits.  This follows on from yesterday’s reports that Tory MPs will seek to block Scottish MPs from voting on the Budget.
Lord Heseltine is reported to have said:  “Let’s be frank about it:  English MPs are not going to implement that unless they get a degree of equality for England.”
Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said:
“It emerged yesterday that David Cameron was already planning to go against the recommendation of the Smith Commission that Scottish MPs should continue to vote on income tax – now it seems that the Tories are threatening to wreck the entire process of more powers unless they get their way on stopping Scottish MPs voting on key issues such as the budget.
“The idea that the process of transferring the powers promised to Scotland could become bogged down in a squabble between the Westminster parties on English votes for English laws is absolutely ludicrous – and that these threats appear to be being led by an unelected peer is a perfect example of how broken the Westminster system is.
“This latest Tory threat will be a real personal embarrassment for Gordon Brown and for Labour generally – who told us during the referendum campaign that more powers for Scotland were guaranteed by their Tory allies.  Now it’s clear that they’ve fallen for a Tory trap – and have been hoodwinked into doing David Cameron’s bidding.
“The Westminster parties won’t be allowed to wriggle off the hook. They simply must deliver the extensive new powers Scotland was promised – or they will pay a heavy price at the ballot box.
“Electing a strong team of SNP MPs in May will send a clear message to David Cameron, Lord Heseltine and the rest of the Westminster establishment – that the people of Scotland won’t accept delay or diversion when it comes to the powers we were promised.”



Reports that the rising cost of living has risen faster for poorer households have underlined the need to give greater priority to tackling income inequality.

The National today (Tuesday) reports that ONS figures show that the price of goods purchased by poorer households increased by 3.7 per cent between 2003 and 2013, while the goods purchased by the wealthiest households rose by just 2.3 per cent over the same period.

This means that everyday living costs for poorer households have increased by 45 per cent while costs for wealthier households have risen by less than 32 per cent. This is because poorer households tend to spend more of their income on necessities such as food and clothes where costs have risen faster than on more expensive luxury goods.

A report published last week by the OECD made clear that growing income inequalities have acted as a brake on economic growth. Between 1990 and 2010 economic growth in the UK would have been 9 percentage points higher if levels of income inequality had held steady at 1985 levels instead of growing.

Professor of enterprise policy Mike Danson is quoted as warning that “far from being ‘all in this together’, the living standards of the most vulnerable – the old, sick and disabled, the poor – have been continuously eroded under good times and bad, through growth and recession.”

Commenting, SNP MSP Mark McDonald said:

“These figures show that it is poorer households who are disproportionately paying the price of the rising cost of living.

“The swiftly rising cost of necessities like food and clothing underlines the need to give greater urgency to tackling income inequality.

“We know from OECD research that income inequality has severely undermined economic growth, holding back job creation and investment across the UK.

“The status quo is both failing the poorest households and hindering efforts to grow the economy.

“It is long past time for a different approach and the Westminster Government must start giving greater priority to tackling income inequalities.”



The SNP is today calling on new Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy to clarify how many members the party has – following a number of contradictory claims.

A few weeks ago, Labour membership was reported to be 13,000. At the weekend, it was briefed that the figure was 14,000. However, in an interview on last night’s Scotland Tonight Mr Murphy claimed the figure was higher, stating: “I think it’s about 20,000 or so now.”

The SNP has consistently been upfront about our membership figures – which were at just under 25,000 on referendum day and now stand at over 93,000. And while all other parties – including the UK Labour party – have made their membership figures known during leadership elections, the Scottish Labour party has failed to publish membership figures for at least the last three leadership contests.

Mr Murphy also claimed that joining the SNP costs £1 when the cost is £12 annually.

SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said:

“It is ludicrous that the new Scottish Labour leader has no idea how many members his party has. If Jim Murphy is serious about turning over a new leaf under his leadership, he should start by clarifying how many members his party actually has. Every other party – including UK Labour – has done this.

“A few weeks ago, the figure was said to be less than 13,000. At the weekend, it was claimed to be 14,000. And then yesterday the figure climbed again with Mr Murphy claiming he thinks there are 20,000 members.

“The SNP has consistently been upfront about our membership figures – which were at just under 25,000 on referendum day and now stand at over 93,000.

“With Labour unable to tell us how many members they have it is no wonder support for the party continues to fall. The latest YouGov poll revealed a 20 point lead over Labour for the SNP for the General Election and a 22 point lead for Holyrood.

“It is clear that Mr Murphy faces an uphill struggle to turn around a party treated as a ‘branch office’ by London. Following ex-advisor Paul Sinclair’s revelations Labour MPs see Westminster as a way to escape Scotland, Scottish Labour members have every right to feel undervalued by their party.

“In contrast, more and more people are giving the SNP their backing as the party to stand up for Scotland – at Holyrood and at Westminster.”

More info on this article;

Jim Murphy was interviewed on last night’s edition of Scotland Tonight.

Minimum membership fees for the SNP are £5 annually for the unwaged and £12 annually for everyone else:

The SNP has consistently been upfront about our membership figures, as have other parties – including UK Labour:

The SNP published membership numbers when Alex Salmond was elected leader:

And also when Stewart Hosie was elected deputy leader:

The Scottish LibDems published membership numbers when Tavish Scott was elected leader:

The Scottish Tories published membership numbers when Ruth Davidson was elected leader:

The UK LibDems published membership numbers when Nick Clegg was elected leader:

The UK Tories published membership numbers when David Cameron was elected leader:

And even UK Labour published membership numbers by electoral college when Ed Miliband was elected leader:



The writing was on the wall after the 2-0 drubbing from Queen of the South last Friday night.

At least he wont be skint like most of the people of Scotland as Rangers Football Club has just informed the stock market in London that he expects to be paid another £750,000 in annual wages.

Rangers has stated they hope to come to some agreement over this sum, no hope!

He never even had full Scottish coaching certificates yet his ex bosses allowed this clause to be written into his contract perhaps that wont happen again but shows how its currently been run does not bode well for the once proud Scottish Football Club.



Mr Murphy says he’s the man that will not need to ask his labour head office permission to change how its run in the future, oh yes he will!

We also see the BBC in Scotland doing all they can to promote their man in the Scottish media circle.

Mr Murphy’s predecessor, Johann Lamont, resigned after the independence referendum saying Labour’s Westminster leadership had treated the party in Scotland as a “branch office”.

Mr Murphy is quoted as saying this;

“I didn’t agree with the comment about the branch office and I’m going to make clear how that will change,” Mr Murphy said.

“Things on election tactics, election strategy, party funding, party strategy, the policies are devolved to the Scottish Parliament – those decisions will be made in Scotland in future,” he said.

He never agreed with the statement being made but notice he never said it was not true?

His next paragraph gets even stranger he states’ “Things on election tactics, election strategy, party funding, party strategy, the policies are devolved to the Scottish Parliament – those decisions will be made in Scotland in future.”

When Johann Lamont resigned she basically said the same thing yet here Mr Murphy states, “Those decisions will be made in Scotland in future.”

Mr Murphy is basically saying Johann Lamont was spot on they are but a branch of labour party HQ in London and he hopes he can change it, no chance, why then did the BBC decide to report this news story the other way

Mr Murphy later added: “I’m big enough and I’m ugly enough”.  We say he was telling the truth about this, oh well at least he got something right in his speech!

You know things are not right when Mr Murphy states; “We are going to hold every labour Westminster seat in Scotland.” he must be thinking about something else here folks?

Which just goes to show Scottish Labour Party are indeed clueless if they think Labour HQ will give them complete autonomy.

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