So Called leader of the House of Commons…


Is Scotland being screwed by England? It certainly looks as if they are doing their best to make sure any possible sliver of power intended by the so called Smith commission is going to be harassed to death first – I’m sure the Smith Commission did not vote for anything with the premise; “if you get this then we’ll blackmail you to get that”!


In the shadow of the Scottish Independence Vote we now have the leader of the House of Commons W. Hague encouraging undemocratic voting which is something this existing government is getting renowned for.

1/ Banning SCOTTISH MPs from voting on legislation
2/ Increasing ENGLISH MPs oversight of ENGLISH legislation BEFORE it reaches a final vote in the Commons
3/ Giving ENGLISH MPs an effective veto over legislation BEFORE it reaches it’s third reading
4/ A grand committee of ENGLISH MPs to scrutinise ENGLISH only legislation

For the leader of the House of Commons to even suggest this it shows his interests are not in the whole of the British people so therefore he should be sacked as he has proven he is unworthy of his office, his office is a privilege and an honour and must not be abused.
This is worse than simple political advantage by the Tories and Lib Dems, this is the end of democracy as we in Scotland have come to know it, although in Scotland we do not know it and never have known proper democracy.


So what we are watching is the evil plans of the EVEL think tank! – in the wake of the Scottish independence vote, the set-up by the Tory administration called the Smith Commission has in fact been a smokescreen to bring in this legislation – you doubt this? then ask yourself why did David Cameron come out with the Smith Commission plan so quickly – the answer is all those people in effect were already waiting in the wings after they engineered the whole fiasco which had already been planned.


This plan which Hague has introduced will have a huge effect on Ireland, Wales and Scotland with all those MPs being banned from voting for something which we the public have voted them in for – this is NOT a vote which should be settled within the House of Commons – this is a vote which should be given to the whole population of the U.K. but it is unlikely to be decided by the whole population as this would be democratic and they have already proven they cannot and would not have democracy in 2014 Britain (except in England).