Regular readers of this website will have known about the Inchgarth Debacle where by they raised money to pay for a new hall floor before ASDA stepped in and paid for it again.

Proof Asda paid for a job already paid and completed months earlier picture

International Scotland raised the issue with ASDA’s charity arm the ASDA FOUNDATION’.

We were contacted by Mr Paul Kelly who was their man in charge who told us everything was above board even though we had proof of wrong doing of an ACC elected member.

It now turns out Mr Kelly was as rotten as they come because we have just found out Mr Kelly resigned for giving his male partner £180,000 of FOUNDATION funding to his dance studio.

Surely this means the investigation into the £10,000 grant given to inchgarth Community Centre in Aberdeen has to be reopened so the general public can trust its charitable status.


Inchgarth asked it 2500 members to donate their entire members fees to buy a new floor in an Aberdeen City Council owned building they further layed on an concert event which was relly well attended and raised enough money for the floor to be relaid and completed in March of that year which was a briliant local achivement.

What was not so Briliant was that ASDA Foundation stepped in at the begining of May and offered to pay for the new floor but someone at inchgarth should have told the Asda Foundation the job had already been done and paid for but they never and as the ASDA foundation was not aware of this paid out £10,000 at the end of May.

We have now learned the ASDA FOUNDATION carried out several investigations and found this site and the website at was correct in raising these concerns about a breach in their awards processes because the Asda Foundation can not award funding for projects that have already been completed and paid for in advance of the said award!

With P Kelly not being the man he claimed to be and totally untrustworthy any investigation he had carried out into dubious funding awards should all be looked at again very closely to regain public trust in the ASDA FOUNDATION.

We think the Asda Foundation should now ask for their money back?