Prince Andrew Sex Questions that must be answered by him and the palace?

Prince Andrew is now in the dock whether he likes it or not, the press are baying for his blood.

The palace has came out strongly with very strong denials that he had sex with a 17 year-old minor but there are very obvious answers being left out.

The first obvious one being was did Prince Andrew ever meet with this alleged minor and US citizen Virginia Roberts?

Virginia Roberts claims she met Prince Andrew 3 times, can the palace prove the Prince was NOT in those countries at those times.

If he was there at that time, he’s buggered pardon the pun!

Next obvious question, what was royal protection officers thinking when they allowed the 5th in-line to the throne to access a known paedophile?

What was so important that Andrew had to see him after his release from prison in 2011.

Was the palace aware of this meeting of the two before it happened and did they sanction it?

Bill Maloney and others on YouTube has stated these said connections long before this story broke.

Its no use the palace shouting out loud when the obvious course of action would be to say the prince has not ever met with US citizen Virginia Roberts?

Why have they not said the Prince was never there on those dates?

What possible reason is there not to end this story right now?

Prince Andrew Sex Questions that must be answered by him and the palace right now?