Scottish Home Report Scam

Scottish Home Report Scam

The one thing the Scottish Government has got wrong and must get rid of the Scottish Home Report Scam which is turning into daylight robbery.

When it started it was meant to be a house buyers dream come true.

The Scottish Home Report is now nothing more then a right little scam.

Home reports were meant to be used by the buyers mortgage companies to give out loans but now they have moved the goal posts and order their own reports or ask the buyers to pay for the Home Report Surveys to be carried out again sometimes using the very same surveyors that was last in the property perhaps only a few days before.

What purpose does this home report serve other than to rip off both parties.

England tried a similar scheme and it lasted less than 6 months because it was unworkable down there.

One of the reasons cited by lenders is that the contract is between the seller and their selling agents and if problems should arrise later and the said survey was in any way suspect legally they would be taking to the cleaners so to speak, which is fair enough.

What is the point of both parties having to pay fees for the same survey other than making surveyors very rich and another reason to get rid of this Scottish Home Report Scam.

It may well give buyers peace of mind but dont forget some buying surveyors may pick up problems other selling surveyors failed to spot so where is the benefits of both parties paying the fees.

In the old days only buyers paid the fees, this also means if sellers are in debts they have to find at least £500 and some legal outlays up front making it even harder for Scottish house sellers to get their properties on to the housing market.

In Aberdeen one of the top house buying areas only a handfull of estate agents will charge no fees upfront and its a similar story across Scotland.

Have you been affected by this latest Scottish Home Report Scam, if so please post your story here and click the leave comments above?