Once again the media is making a fool of people in Scotland – are they really this stupid? Surely they must realise that it is only a matter of time before we all request either our own TV which is totally unbiased towards Scotland or anything to do with Scotland, surely we cannot continue feeding this monster who continually kicks us all in the teeth every chance it gets – perhaps a little read from the story below will all make it crystal clear;;


BBC election rules mean majority of UK will not see SNP broadcasts
Viewers outside of Scotland unlikely to see political broadcasts despite polls showing party could be third largest in Westminster after general election
The Scottish National Party may hold the balance of power in Westminster after the May general election, but the BBC’s rules on election broadcasts mean the majority of voters outside of Scotland are unlikely to see the party’s direct pitch to voters.

The BBC Trust said it would risk discrediting the broadcasts if the SNP’s party election programmes were shown in parts of the UK where viewers were unable to vote for it, even though polls have shown that it could end up as the third biggest party after the 7 May election.

In a further sign of how broadcasters are struggling to keep up with the breakdown of traditional three-party politics, the trust has announced that its eligibility criteria for party election broadcasts will be unchanged from the last election in 2010.

It means the SNP’s political broadcasts will only be broadcast in Scotland.

Nevertheless, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon was invited to take part in the revised proposals for party leader debates, put forward by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky, along with Ukip leader Nigel Farage, Green leader Natalie Bennett, Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood and the leaders of the three main parties.

The BBC and ITV debates, which feature all seven leaders, would be broadcast across the UK. The the Channel 4/Sky News debate would feature a head to head between David Cameron and Ed Miliband.

A three-month consultation by the trust concluded that parties would be eligible for an election broadcast in each constituent nation of the UK in the run-up to the 7 May poll if they field 89 candidates in England, 10 in Scotland, seven in Wales or three in Northern Ireland.

The SNP will not meet the criteria for a UK-wide broadcast because it does not plan to field any candidates outside of Scotland, let alone the 89 that would be required in England.

Trustees said they acknowledged the argument that parties including the SNP might hold the balance of power in a hung parliament, but it said airing election broadcasts for parties which people could not vote for would “risk discrediting” the broadcasts and “create viewer and listener indifference”.

In the case of the SNP, they said viewers in England “would not be interested” and “would be frustrated”.

The BBC executive agreed, arguing that it could “undermine the principles” of the broadcast to “provide a direct appeal to those who can vote for that party”.

Story courtesy of the gaurdian.