TORY PEER LORD GREEN HSBC in Tax fiddle fails to answer questions on tax evasion questions from the BBC.


Tory Peer Lord Green HSBC ex boss pleading the fifth again, its not my fault Gov honest it was my ex bosses, honest it was, only thing was he was the boss at the time.

It now turns out the Swiss arm of HSBC was offering its very wealthy clients how to avoid paying tax all over the world including here in HM land how shocking is that, not very, we hear you loud and clear folks.

God forbid it was a benefit cheat of say 100 quid they would be in stocks within days but was does our not so great prime minster do after 2010 when they knew what Green was up to, make him a Peer in the lords and give him a trade minsters job for giving all their rich mates loads of money in tax savings.

Labour bemoans this latest outrage yet they have known about this since 2010 as well but only crying fowl now a little bit convenient we hear you say!

This proves the Tories attack the poor and let the rich off with day light robbery  first they wreck our banking system not they are wrecking our tax system the quicker Scotland votes 100% SNP the quicker Scots can watch the news from England and kill ourselves laughing at their countries self destruction.

And while all this was happening and since then only 1 case of tax fraud has been brought to court since 2010!

How many minor cases for of, road tax dodging, littering, urination in the street the lists go on and on it may well be worth perusing in a civilised society but only one court case against a rich tax dodger and the government says we cant afford a welfare state because not enough people are paying their fair share, now we know who and why!

We rest our case, my lord!