Labour are now Scotland’s public enemy number one, clever forward thinking voters say that anybody who spent months attempting to make Scotland a district of England needs to be treated with the contempt they deserve. Have you noticed how we have seen the upsurge in using the heading with the words, SCOTTISH labour, especially when Scotland’s labour councillors are the dogs-bodies of England’s Westminster puppets.

Conservatives are next in Scotland’s public enemy list, reason says that although the Tories have been booted out of Scotland (it’s amazing the Scots woke up to them years ago!) we still get inundated with the Tory leader Ruth Davidson who always got more air time than Scotland’s past First Minister Alex Salmond, in fact Ruth Davidson is a perfect example of the Westminster manipulation of the BBC in Scotland attempting to keep the Tory flame alive.
Liberal Democrats are such a bad choice of Councillor it speaks volumes about the type of person who are voting for them – the Liberal Democrats will go down in history as the partners in Government who systematically destroyed the “Welfare State”, introduced by the true Labour Party after the last war. The Liberal Democrats will also be remembered by the introduction of over a million U.K. citizens having to line up at “Food Banks”.

Scotland is in desperate need of change today – social justice – getting rid of food banks – affordable heating – preserving the NHS, are all priorities which need urgent attention. These things need to be settled before social unrest becomes the norm, Scotland has been subject to lies, lies and more lies – it comes from all directions but usually in the shape of a brass necked politician whose roots are in Westminster.
2015 could possibly be one of the most important political years with respect to Scotland’s future. It is very important to note that we are being faced very early with the Westminster controlled press so at the risk of sounding paranoid – here we go again fellow Scots! We can expect every political heavyweight crawling out from under their stone with negative comments and threats more horrible than ever before hitting Scotland and Scotland’s citizens.