Aberdeen Labour Party – Operation Fear is alive and kicking yet again in Mastrick, Aberdeen yesterday where labour party members were trying every dirty trick in the book to get voters on their side to vote for Scottish Labour.

Yesterday saw an amazing sight that even shocked this blog author, labour party workers in a once labour stronghold of Mastrick an ex council estate in Aberdeen that are now 90% owner occupied turning their backs on the now fully discredited Scottish Labour party.

Every door they went to along Birkhall Parade they were told where to go, some people just slammed the door in their faces others stood toe to toe and demanded local labour boy Willie Young should resign.

Scottish Labour in Aberdeen had nothing to offer other than fear of what would happen if the SNP were to win most of the seats in the general election.

When asked what they had to offer the people of Scotland, the reply was silence, negative campaigning does not engage anyone any more, Scots are more savvy these days.
Let us remind Scottish Labour they are in bed with the conservatives on so many fronts, it was them that introduced the most hated of all organisations in the UK, ATOS.

Two years ago at the height of demo’s they stated the first thing they would do is get rid of them since then what have we heard, nothing at all.

Anne Begg Labour MP Aberdeen South, has not once stood up for local people having problems with ATOS or DWP, I have seen emails sent to her and she has not even replied to any of them, this is the face of the new Scottish Labour’s caring side, not bad for a disabled woman herself and chair of the select committee on disability perhaps she only got the nod to stay silent on such matters to keep her in post.

Word is Calum McCaig, SNP will destroy her seat in 4 weeks’ time.
Basically Scottish Labour are finished, they have completely lost the trust of the Scottish people who voted for them for years without question and now know they were taken for granted and totally abused their relationship with their deep-rooted supporters.

Operation Fear worked well last September but it’s hard to pull the same rabbit out of the bag a second time and if that’s all Scottish Labour has to offer this time around they could be beaten into fourth behind the Tories and the Scottish Green Party and had they voted for Scottish independence it would be they that would be the leaders this is the truth behind Scottish Labour, the Branch of Westminster labour HQ.