BBC bias graphic
According to the BBC this is 100 people? Although 13,000 were actually there!

The BBC bias is relentless in their news and their news app – the bias is so bad now the BBC are going back months to dig up past news items which attempt to slay the SNP.


In the BBC app itself the political bias is so bad you simply turn it off, there is absolutely no balance or impartiality, not even a pretend one – so called professional journalists are slating in the same old way, I won’t mention any names but it’s obvious enough as it’s the same old grubby writers who have been slating Scotland and the SNP for years.


I think many of these grubby writers have an axe to grind against Scotland or the SNP, but either way they should know that what goes around comes around and it will not miss them.
Since last year we voters in Scotland are being systematically abused and subjected to an avalanche of hatred for both us the voters who live here and also our past “First Minister”, and also our existing “First Minister”, and it’s no coincidence the Tory party told their MPs not to call the SNP the “Scottish Government”, even although we have been overseen by the Scottish Government for years.
The Tory party is now stirring up hatred between Scotland and England simply because in Scotland we recognised years ago the Tories live to abuse society and money is their driving force especially for their own pockets.


They have absolutely nothing to lose in Scotland so that is why they are throwing sticks and stones from over the border and as the sitting government using the might of the security services, the BBC and the media to play and practice dirty tricks that work and can be used again in the future and more importantly against the voting public.


The Tories are according to Monty Python a dead duck, etc…in Scotland, why! oh! why! can the rest of the U.K. not see this?
Six months ago according to the Tory, Lib Dem, and Labour parties Scotland was the bees knees and they loved us and didn’t want us to run our own affairs – they needed Scotland to remain in the United Kingdom.
We now find that having a voice and being able to vote is not what they meant at all – they are telling anyone that will listen that Scotland is toxic for the U.K. What?
Are they saying Scotland will do as they are told?
or perhaps Scotland’s MPs do not have a right to vote in the House of Commons?
What they are actually saying is; all these political parties who feel aggrieved and have less than X amount of seats have no right to vote on decisions that will change the outcome irrespective of what the vote is for.

This is why the English MPs for English votes is not only wrong, it is undemocratic and is surely enough to stop the Bill!
If they bring out such a Bill they will have to bring out another three similar Bills to cover Scotland, Wales and Ireland which will surely lead to independence in the long run.
Twelve days from now is the vote in Scotland to select as many SNP candidates as possible and with any luck the SNP who are good for Scottish voters will get the amount of seats needed to waken up the undemocratic and backward House Of Commons.
What dirty and nasty tricks has the establishment yet to wreak on Scotland before the 7th of May elections? Is vote rigging an option? Of course it is!
Bias reporting from the BBC, ITV, SKY and all the newspapers except the Sunday Herald and the National will bombard us all with imaginary problems.
Meanwhile the English voters are not subject to actual National news any longer (the Government put the brakes on that one years ago) as at one time irrespective of where you lived you got the whole of the National news, bias? Yes! but at least if you stayed in the Outer Hebrides you knew exactly what the National news was in London for example – our existing government has played very dirty games over the last year with respect to voting – why would they stop now when they have the English running scared and disorientated ???