English Voters Must Be Stupid

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We are trying to scare the English voters now that the Scots have called our bluff!

English Voters Must Be Stupid!


Anyone in England reading this Scottish Blog only has to ask themselves why the Tory party has been posted missing in recent weeks, they have no plans and no ideas for the future other than ripping off the poor to pay even more to their rich friends in banking services English voters must be stupid not to see it!


Labour only has poor Ed their leader who is utterly clueless, where is the other bunch of clueless MP’s?

Yesterday our female First Minister kicked both of these hapless wonders into the long grass, they just don’t know how to handle her at all and shows they are not the people who should be in charge of Scotland not alone the UK.

The SNP are now the most popular party in the UK mainly because austerity has failed everyone except of course the super rich.

Ed said this morning THERE WOULD BE NO DEALS WITH THE SNP to which the BBC’s Bill Turnball said “THAT’S GOOD” sorry “I mean, that’s clear“. nothing like national BBC Bias reporting or perhaps just a simple slip, yeh right!

The big danger for both the Tory and Labour leadership is ignoring the will of the people of Scotland after the election, if they say 40 SNP MP’s makes no difference to the Westminster system then why are we there at all.

If that happens say bye bye to the union for ever, if we cant play our part or not allowed to what’s the point of trying to stay together as a equal partner, we never was, they only wanted us to stay so they can pillage our rich natural resources.

They only way to fight back is by voting for the SNP so David and Ed can deliver the freedom at the next indy vote where Westminster wont have a clue how to defend the union which now proves we were never an equal partner or ever will be in their eyes!