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You may find this funny but do not forget this person is likely to be the new British Prime Minister!



LABOUR LEADER CAUGHT OUT TELLING WHOPPERSElection or not this continuing and never ending streaming of lies within the political parties must stop – it is badly effecting the trust voters have in our voting system, and it is already leaving a bitter taste.



In Scotland at present if it’s not one of the daily spreadsheets it’s the BBC or ITV spilling garbage everywhere – it makes it all the more annoying when it’s us the general public actually paying their wages.



Ever since Scotland “First Minister”, Nicola Sturgeon stood her ground in the ITV so called “Leaders Debates”, the ridiculous stories have been coming from everywhere and everyone trying to undermine Scotland’s “First Minister” .



Have a read at the next poison pen story getting ready for the usual “blow it out of all proportions” media bile and you will instantly know we are going to have to endure this until the 7th of May 2015


Ed Miliband has challenged the SNP to “come clean” on the “dramatic reductions in public spending” that will follow on from nationalist plans to make Holyrood responsible for raising all the cash it spends.


An example of the Westminster and Whitehall phantom stories hitting the U.K. media this month – it’s obvious they have no shame! Lies! Lies! and more Lies!
From the HeraldScotland via Peter A Bell;

Peter A Bell’s insight:



Not for the first time, Ed Miliband is talking utter drivel. There is only one thing you need to know about Full Fiscal Autonomy (FFA) – it isn’t going to happen!



I have seen some of the more deranged British nationalists talking about SNP MPs “forcing through” legislation to give Scotland FFA. Arithmetic is not the friend of those making such outlandish claims. Even if the SNP won every seat in Scotland that would only give them 59 out of 650. It’s pretty safe to assume that every one of those non-SNP MPs would oppose such a move. And, given that neither of the parties which may be in government is going to introduce such legislation, it’s never going to come to a vote in any case.



Talk of an “FFA threat” to Scotland’s finances is palpable nonsense. There is no such threat. It is not even substantial enough to be called a phantom threat. It is no threat at all.



So, why is it even being discussed? The answer is simple. Scaremongering! Vacuous, clumsily contrived scaremongering to rival the worst of what we saw from Better Together during the referendum campaign. The hope is that if talk of a “£7.6billion black hole” is bandied around enough some of the mud will stick and the SNP will be associated with an economic catastrophe that is entirely mythical.



British nationalists will doubtless retort that Nicola Sturgeon stated that she would vote for FFA; and do so in the first year of the parliament. The British nationalists may be too stupid to know the difference between a hypothetical and a factual question, but Sturgeon most certainly isn’t. Had she been asked if she would vote for an end to all disease tomorrow then she would surely have said yes. But only an idiot would imagination this to mean either that she would have the opportunity to vote on such a matter or that her vote would be meaningful.



Of course SNP MPs would vote for FFA! As a matter of principle, they will always vote for more powers for the Scottish Parliament. That doesn’t alter the fact that there is not going to be a vote on FFA.



But the deception being perpetrated by the British parties does not end with silly scaremongering about an impossible scenario. It hardly needs to be said that they alo totally misrepresent the effect of FFA. They trumpet this £7.6billion deficit as if it is a consequence of FFA. It is not! Even assuming that the actual figure is not inflated, the reality is that we already have this deficit by virtue of being part of the UK.



The figure of £7.6billion is Scotland’s per capita share of the the UK budget deficit. It is not something that suddenly appears as a result of FFA. It is already there. And we are already paying for it. Scotland’s share of costs associated with its per capita share of the UK deficit are paid out of Scotland’s contribution to UK tax revenues. In terms of the deficit and what it costs us, FFA actually changes nothing.



So all this scaremongering is doubly vacuous. There is no “threat” of FFA. and even if there was, it wouldn’t be a threat.