This lot want Scottish MPs barred from voting in English subjects!


Political suicide by Tories in Scotland especially after today’s fiasco.
The idiots are now screaming about the voting system and wanting Scottish MPs to be disqualified from voting in English only votes? At present they are doing their best to rush it through – waken up Scottish Tories they have left you like rats from a sinking ship!

Now as far as I can see it; William Hague started the ball rolling on this by abusing his position in the Conservative/ Lib Dem government – if I could see this abuse of position how many more recognised William Hague should never have raised these questions while he was in a responsible position in the Conservative/Lib Dem government. It raises the question why did William Hague abuse his Government position?

Let’s look at the ramifications of this idiotic idea – if Scotland’s MPs are getting disqualified does this mean the Welsh MPs and the Irish MPs will also be disqualified? After all we are now supposed to be the cosy United Kingdom and all supposedly one big happy family.

Take a simple vote; we all know the NHS is under pressure in Scotland and somewhere along the line a vote is certain to come up concerning this which in all probability will have a knock on effect in Scotland and because of the continued financial starvation from South of the border Scottish MPs would need to vote according to the cloth the Scottish Government would need to cut for the NHS in Scotland to survive – if these ideas about Scottish MPs being disqualified from voting in such selected votes Scotland will suffer, thanks to the stupid suggestions made by the party Scotland got rid of years ago, the Tories! But worse still is the facts that Scots MPs maybe barred was started by a Tory breaking the rules while in a job of responsibility.

The only thing this tells us of certain is; the Tory party have completely given up their attempts to get seats in Scotland – why else would they commit to this political suicide?

The disgraced Tories are trying to incite hatred between the North and the South and meanwhile are trying to scare the English about the SNP – if this fear and hatred continue from the Tories surely the English voters are smart enough to see their nasty tricks, are they?

Westminster the so called home of democracy are wanting to prove to the Scots, democracy is not for the Scots – only for the English!