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SCOTLAND’S VOTERS HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO VOTE SNP and in case you have either forgotten or a little bit confused I’m going to tell you why.
For over fifty years Scotland’s majority voted for the working mens party which at those times was represented by the Labour Party – Prime Minister Tony Blair killed stone dead the well known and renowned Labour Party which before Blair cared for “Social Justice and voters welfare rights.
At various times during these political party changing “General Elections”, the Labour party in all it’s representative “Working Mans party” had the majority of local seats within different local councils – did they ever do any good? Personally I think they were as good as a chocolate tea-pot.
Irrespective of who gets into power South of the border we in Scotland have always wagged the tail, much to the delight of political parties like the Tories and recently the Liberal Democrats.
The existing government have a current 73 majority of seats thanks to the addition if the, “We’ll work with anybody party”, ie; the Liberal Democrats.
Scotland has trusted these cowboys for years hoping this time things will change – they never have changed and never will change unless we the voters change, BECAUSE the Labour Party is controlled and manipulated from England by back-room politics.
We voters in Scotland are sending out clear messages that, “Now They Understand”, that it is only an SNP government who are at all interested in working for Scotland – it has been made obvious over the last twelve months that the majority of MPs are only there for the beer, for example a certain Orkney MP who makes a fortune in expenses.
Scotland must surely realise that the more seats the SNP get in this next election on May the 7th that Scotland will at last have a say – for those people who live in Scotland it must be obvious by this time the SNP is supporting you wherever you originate from.


Putting the case more bluntly; vote Labour and Scotland has no voice – vote SNP and Scotland has a voice. The SNP have already said they would not work with the Tories.


Scotland – waken up! it’s time for major changes!