Tory Bichard
Tory Lord says that pensioners are;

It’s true; – the Tories are going ga-ga! and going out of their way to attempt to hide the latest twaddle from their back room boys.

The Tories have dragged out an old fossil windbag who is also a Lord who suggests;
Old people are a “negative burden on society”, and also suggests they should lose their pensions if they refuse to do community work. The first line of his comment said; quote; older people who are not very old??? I kid you not this guy is a Lord! but the unbelievable part is this guy retired at the grand old age of 54…and he has only turned up himself for work at the House of Lords a third of what he should have! I smell hypocrite!
The pension in question is earned and a proportion is forcibly removed and put into that invisible pot each time a worker gets wages – which in latter years is expected to look after the pensioner( via state pension) who has sweated blood in some cases for over 50 years.
The pension in question belongs to the person after proving themselves over the qualifying years of 50 years maximum.

The pension in question is not in any shape or form the governments, so for any pensioner who has earned their pension and the government takes x amount off is nothing more than legalised theft in any circumstance.

Any half-wit knows that if they are going to destroy old-age pensions or state pensions it has to be done transitionally and not by rhetoric or brute force theft.

We see the new method and introductions of exposing pensioners to do what they like with their pensions (watch the 45% tax reductions) and the greater majority do NOT have these pension pots which are available to the minority – the majority only have the state pension to rely on in their latter years.

The pensions skulduggery which we now see are planned by the Tories/Liberal Dem and goodness knows who else needs to be reviewed, shelved for ever, and added to that documentation which will see Social Justice put into first place in the priority stakes.

It boils down to simple facts; these are,
a pen pushing Lord has been made scapegoat to spout rhetoric about old people and those on state pension – it does not matter that many pensioners cannot afford to heat their homes or cannot afford to eat properly.

Pensioners 50 years ago agreed to have x amount taken from their wages knowing that when they did reach pension age they had established an amount of money which paid for their NHS and their old age or State Pension.

Unfortunately in the U.K. today a worker starting off in giving to British society can no longer expect safety nets to be in place because the Tory/Lib Dems destroyed the safety net which was better known as the “Welfare State”, – to make sure tomorrows pensioners have money set aside in their old age they are expected to save accordingly for their future, a situation which was forced on the pensioner from fifty years ago via the NHS and state pension scheme.

Many people saving for old age today will be frightened of the future as so many goalposts have been moved over the years to accommodate incompetent politicians who have as much idea of running the country as they have of being able to boil an egg – I won’t start to name them as it would take a volume the size of War and Peace.

My final comment is;
if pensioners are such a burden then the House of Lords , House of Commons can lead by example and start to live on the State Pension – what say you, oh, Vote for Me, politicians! The government seems to be trying to pretend that the State pension is a benefit. It is not it is a scheme that people pay into or have already paid into to fund their retirement, it is in no way a hand out!