Conservative – Lib Dems joint venture into destruction of Social Justice.

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Conservative – Lib Dems joint venture into destruction of Social Justice.



Conservative – Lib Dems joint venture into destruction of Social Justice. What a year we have just been witness to.
When your debating at the last minute or are undecided about where to put your voting cross consider what the existing sitting British government have done over the last twelve months alone;
They have boasted about deaths of the sick by telling everybody they have got these scroungers back to work – no comment has been made about the thousands who have been either buried or cremated after the victims of this oppression have lost all hope for their futures and could take no more so many of them have taken their own lives.


The foodbanks in the U.K. have been so abused by the government it has mushroomed to over 400 food banks from an original 40.

While this goes on, no mention has been made that the U.K. spends four(4) times more than any other Country on arms, bullets and bombs.
Fracking has become a dirty word in the U.K. and as we all know fracking is not a good thing and never will be if they don’t let the general public vote in a crystal clear environment and know all the true facts – I say true facts as the U.S. have been spinning stories about fracking for years.
The NHS must be turned around and opened up to the logical position of getting the security of the NHS into a safe and secure contract which cannot be touched or altered by politicians – there is no excuse for this not to be protected using public funds, certainly not while they are spending four times more than any other Country on weapons, bullets and bombs.
It is being reported today that TTIP is under investigation by Europe – it’s little wonder that such a company ever got so close to looking after our NHS – seemingly they have in their contract, note I said their contract – if they do not get the profit as expected they have the right to take the government to court and claim loss? I ask you money before life – they need chased back to where they surfaced from – if this lots get any further into the NHS there will be a knock on effect in Scotland.


During the last couple of years the sitting government has found out that our long serving safety net called the “Welfare System”, stopped them from doing the dirty on those citizens who for one reason or another were either sick or disabled so without any considerations on transitional changes or bringing their changes in, in a caring manner they killed the “Welfare State”, stone dead and in turn this removed the safety net…this was one of the main reasons why ex service personnel had to sleep and die in the gutter – not bad considering these ex service personnel could possibly have been involved with these caring politicians mini wars throughout the World – so as it stands at present any ex serviceman has no safety net which actually works, and before anybody screams about organisations such as the British Legion, these organisations are not equipped for ex service personel who are in immediate need now/today/tonight.

The real crunch is these MPs who have caused many problems for their citizens are paid a whopping £67,000 plus expenses and it should not be forgotten it is possible for some to get up to £250,000 with expenses – you should also remember the majority of these MPs have absolutely no qualifications for many of the jobs they are assigned to – the most that many have experience in is pushing a pen or counting paper-clips.
We are now promised yet another 12 billion to be taken from where? the sitting government has told no one where they are expecting to take this money from – are they sure they work for us? should we not know exactly where this money is coming from?
Now that the country has many, many poor citizens another 12 billion will make life even harder for those who already have nothing so food banks will get busy, old people will be getting hypothermia because they cannot afford their heating bills, more forced bills will be pushed through the rotten parliament and the NHS will die a slow painful death along with thousands of patients.