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Labour Party mob fix




Last nights so called Leaders debate on the Establishment based bias BBC Scotland hosted by Glen Campbell (no not the Country & Western singer) who has a permanent bias chip on his shoulders once again highlighted the nasty political agenda spearheaded from the “Old Guard”, in Westminster.



I reckon now I could write out their expected scripts they churn out at every political meeting – secure in the knowledge the Labour leader in Scotland will tell more fairy stories, and the forlorn one and only Tory always attempting to justify why the Tories have been putting the U.K. citizens into financial distress for the last five years. What about the way the Liberal Democrats find it so convenient to forget they too were part of that same rotten bandwagon that has caused misery to so many…and still is!




They all talk about austerity as if it is a normal everyday word which in reality when you check out “The Oxford English Dictionary”, you can read the meaning of that awful word means;  FORCED HARDSHIP, that so called forced hardship is causing all sorts of problems such as pensioners are struggling to meet their commitments for their heating systems, while food banks have rocketed from the original 40 food banks, five years ago to over 400 food banks today. How about sick and disabled?



Well we have all read the horror stories which although well known do not get proper coverage from our so called neutral TV and media…and while this goes on the politicians are still facing the public with their bare faced lies…I could go on and on about how this “forced Hardship”, has virtually destroyed British spirit, but this would only flatter and swell the heads of these so called MPs who would have difficulty boiling an egg, let alone running a government department.


Just imagine getting paid £67,000 plus expenses every year for NOT knowing what your doing – MPs do!



Have little look at the graphic above, it shows the lengths the Labour party are going in Scotland – do you think they all do likewise?