Labour Party Does Not Support The People Of Scotland

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Labour Party Does Not Support The People Of Scotland.


Labour Party Does Not Support The People Of Scotland, how can they, their leader stated last night he would rather not be the next PM than do deals with the SNP who the Scottish people will vote for proves Scottish Labour is but a branch with no say or clout!


“Labour Party Does Not Support The People Of Scotland”,


Who in their right mind would say such a stupid comment when we all know such an action of betrayal would leave the Scottish Labour Party in no-man’s land for ever in Scotland and might as well be disbanded altogether.


The arithmetic is not on the Labour parties side, they will need the support of the SNP period, if they want to depose the conservatives out of power unless its their plan to wait till the next election in five years but here’s the rub, they said at the indy vote they wanted Scots to be equal partners at Westminster, we all know that was yet another lie!



Operation FEAR is back up and running by all English based parties, they just don’t get it do they, if they reject the will of the Scottish people, ignore us all together then the 2016 Scottish vote will include yet another indy vote which will produce an independent Scottish nation as no-one will be fooled ever again.



The truth is not one of them thought the SNP was ever going to be a force again, many including us thinks the vote was perhaps a fix, you only have to ask why it was the UK Government banned exit polls (the first time ever)reason being they would be well off the result and usually exit polls are very accurate indeed, this election will have them!



Ask yourself why there was no police on duty outside polling stations or the fact most of the residing officers were also members of the body that overseen any complaint processes and we still don’t know what happened to Ruth Davidson or any other election complaints.