Migrants Not Allowed To Vote On EU

Migrants Not Allowed To Vote On EU.



Migrants Not Allowed To Vote On EU membership but Migrants was allowed to keep Scotland British is this fair?



So its OK for the English to come to Scotland for work and stay here and vote whether we stay in a Union that does not work and thats OK because it served the purpose of the union when everyone knows it should have only been Scottish born who had the vote.



So the different migrants coming into the UK might swing in favour of a no vote because lets face it if they vote to leave the union its bye bye them back to where-ever they came from, nothing like the Government stacking the deck the same they done in the Scottish indy vote.



If the Migrants are from EU states what is the difference with them voting on EU membership and other non-Scottish voters voting in the indy vote last year, double Westminster standards yet again!



When the next vote comes along Westminster would be crazy to try and block all Scottish born to vote on their countries future and us alone, if its good enough for an EU in out then so be it for the people of Scotland.