SNP makes UK political history with almost a total landslide with only 3 seats left to other parties of labour, Tory and Libdems what a rout.

1.4M votes another Scottish record broken, Westminster will hate it, the English will be amazed and the rest of the world will be in total shock.

They might finish with 329 true blues but they only need to lose the support of three votes and its tatties as we say up here.

Scottish Labour is out of ideas, out of MP’s, they lost their stupid Murph the Smurf appartently in their crazy rules their leader has to be a sitting MP oh well that means there can only be 1 and he does not want it, what a shambles that only Scottish labour can manage.

Ed says vote for us you get a labour government another porky.

Congrats to the new SNP Aberdeen south and north MP’s and lets face it Anne Begg did naff all for Scottish disabled people and only has herself to blame for her massive defeat.

Congrats to Kirsty Blackman a very hard working local councillor gets her just rewards, well done Kirsty.

To top it all off the biggest political swing in history of any kind proves Scotland is a political force to be feared and now very much respected!