SNP has won over 50 seats on predictions by 1.30am UK time and the greatest result in the SNP’s political history.

Why has this happened, that’s easy, Scottish labour totally failed the people of Scotland for years, they lied about extra powers to Scotland before the last indy vote.

This website warned what would happen, how is it we were right, that’s easy to we are Scots that’s sick to death about having our views ignored at Westminister and this result so far won’t change that, not one jot.

If Scottish labour had the guts and stood up to the london labour HQ and went with their local party members this story would not be this way.

The conservatives will push for an EU out deal and the indy mark 2 will be back on the agenda just like this site predicted 6 months ago.

Scottish labour started losing the plot north of the wall from 2007 and now they are about to be wiped out for a generation because most of the party workers are jumping ship to the SNP would not have the ground troops to fight another indy NO Vote which now means a yes vote is only a few years away and if the Tory government treats Scots the same as the last five years, it looks like the people of Scotland will demand that second vote even sooner.