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Fake document being distributed in Scotland central belt!




It has come to the attention of International Scotland staff that the dirty tricks are starting in earnest.


Let’s look at this in a bit more depth!


We have been reading bias reports from the press and every interviewer on every channel for the last couple of months especially about the Labour and SNP plans and recently non plans from the leader of the Labour party.


The general idea is for political parties in power to have a full house of at least 326 seats which gives them enough to pull any idea into reality within the Country.


We know that we are likely to have a close voting result in the U.K. on the 7th of May 2015 with the two main political parties, ie; Conservatives and Labour having more seats than any other parties including Scotland’s SNP – it should be pointed out at this point it has been suggested Ed. Miliband could well be the next U.K. Prime Minister.



We did tell you before; IT MUST NOT BE UNDERESTIMATED WHAT PEOPLE IN POWER WILL DO TO STAY THERE! So let’s look at this in perspective – if we assume the Labour Party has more seats than the Conservatives after May the 7th, but not quite enough to reach the needed 326 votes, remembering Ed Miliband has already stated he would not be willing to work with the SNP under any type of contract, but in this scenario Labour needs to pass an important vote, there is nothing to stop the Tories from voting with Labour – in other words anything signed between Labour and Conservative/Lib Dem over the last five years that has not been implemented as yet will go through as was the original idea. The only way this could be thwarted is if the likely PM Ed Miliband made an arrangement with the SNP – If Ed Miliband does dig his heels in the next five years will be proof plus that Independence is Scotland’s only way out!



The SNP would be in an impossible situation and be shut out, which if the TV and Media are to be even half believed, then it does look as if the Labour and Conservative Parties are planning to shaft the SNP and the respected voters in Scotland…and not only for the purposes of getting their already agreed upon bills through the House of Commons.



To reply to this comment; the U.K. has been governed by either the Tories and Labour for the majority of the last 100 years – any minor parties that have developed over that time have either been a break away of another smaller party or ripped to shreds in the media as being everything bad for our society. For any other party to seriously interfere with the “Old Guard” of the Labour or Conservative it would need at least 250 seats BEFORE the Labour or Conservative Parties would be concerned.



The other obvious dangers in this permutation is if Wales, Ireland or Scotland became interested in what was possible as this mean the possibility of Independence in Wales, Scotland and Ireland that make up the so call United Kingdom would become a threat to that “Old Guard”.



Scotland as we all know is thoroughly browned off with voting for nothing at every General Election, so no one reading this should be surprised that the majority of Scots want Independence which at present is being forced upon them because the voters wishes are not being respected, especially by the Labour and Conservative Parties.

For Scotland to succeed after the 7th of May 2015, Scotland’s voters need to consider the only alternative left which is workable – ie; Independence!