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Labour is a right wing party as demonstrated by the 3 out of the four candidates claiming to their supporter’s to not pick a second preference on their ballot papers.

Jeromy will get more votes in a national election not because he’s a leftie but because he’s different and offers hope to the people who have felt betrayed by the Tories.

The current shower of right wing labour party members (Blair-rights) are living in the dark ages and are anything but progressive.

You only have to see how they voted for more austerity after this years general election, they voted for Tory welfare cuts, WHAT?

This shows they have lost their way and shows the SNP are the only real opposition to the Tory party mark one as the labour party is the Tory mark 2 in disguise.

Jeromy has one thing in his favour he has never-ever changed his views on these political matters and labour activists are fed-up being treated like children and ignored after successive party conferences where their views were completely ignored!

To get elected its about being different, not the same as the other lot  and this is why the other three has not a hope in hell of winning!

If you cant convince labour party members your the one then you know your views are not of those that do your ground work.

The SNP would win most northern English seats if there was a vote tomorrow or even in 5 years time because they care and offer a real difference, so why do these has-beens think their way is best.

Jeromy also offers the people of Scotland greater hope and will give Scottish Labour more support than any other labour leader.

The current labour party is to close to the current Tory government that people don’t have a real choice in the ballot booths a Jeromy win will send shivers down the Tory spines as it would be a true protest vote in the making.

How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes

How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes.

How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes

How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes.









How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes on PC resume when windows 10 users see the blue screen of death and the following error code.

How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes


Almost two weeks since the launch of Windows 10 and now many sites reporting there is and was a huge bug in the official microsoft update path and as reported last night from one of our regular readers now HP laptops are also infected.

Please check the above error code by clicking the photo above and look for the error code that states the following message; VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE.

If you have a similar message the chances are we are all in the same boat.

How To Fix Windows 10 VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE error.


Bad news you cant, good news there is one working work around, it only works when lid is closed and opened again and it means it stays on constantly when closed.

We think this is down to the intel onboard graphics not being fully teseted as its only around 5% of all PC’s that has this newer onboard chip but you would think the beta testers would know better.

How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes.

First go to start menu bottom far left of your desktop

> next in the box search for windows type;

> Power Options,

> Chose what closing lid does,

> Change all values to do nothing,

> Save changes.

This is the only known work around for How To Fix Windows 10 Crashes on PC resume.

One other bug has also been reported over last 24 hours it seems rumours were perhaps true bit torrent software is crashing on updated windows 7 and 8 versions to 10 MS has stated in the past they hate piracy even though bit torrent is used for other means if true; Way to Go MS nothing like killing your own products stone dead.

Windows 10 Update Crashes On PC Resume

Windows 10 Update Crashes On PC Resume.

Windows 10 Update Crashes On PC Resume – Windows 10 updates on three different tested PC manufacturers including ASUS, SONY and Toshiba laptops cant handle MS Windows 10 update.

Yes its true the update loads OK but as soon as you close the lid it cant resume you either get a blue screen of death or you get a blank screen and the only solution is to cold boot your PC.

Windows users were promised there would be no bugs in this release.

How is it possible to release a product and within 3 days there was no less than 3 critical updates that users have no choice but allow as there is no facility to now stop updates taking place or even removing them!

Windows 10 offers nothing of note to non-touch screen users its basically a windows 7 and 8 put together job with a proper start menu, on three laptops tested so far its also more power hungry which is really strange, so this is a fair and balanced report it is more user friendly for the novice user or first time windows 8 buyer.

Microsoft has a bad reputation for releasing new platforms without proper testing in the past and it looks like this is no different users updating from VERSIONS 7 or 8 wont be able to go backwards as there is no facility and if the upgrade fails will have no choice but to either format there Hard-drive or wait for a fix but with so many potential manufacturers affected this may be next to impossible to achieve.

Microsoft will need to make windows 10 disks available to current licence holders or be accused of profiteering by offering updates that were not fully tested before being released and this programming error on the Windows 10 Update Crashing PC Resume will damage its sales big time.

Will take photos and post from my ASUS G750 so you can see the various error codes so you can compare,

Windows 10 users reading this warning should post their error codes here and perhaps help Microsoft sort this huge embarrassment.