Labour MP’s In Danger of Deselection

Labour MP’s In Danger of Deselection.

Current Labour MP’s are now in grave danger of local labour activists deselecting them before the 2020 election or sooner because they wont support the people they claim they represent.

The new leader leadership wants to reverse the vote on austerity recently made in support of the government which was in our opinion just crazy.

What they are scared of is the current registered voters, they think if they vote against such measures they will lose their seats show’s just how out of touch they really are!

The SNP went on an anti-austerity ticket and won by a landslide in Scotland for the first time ever and mobilised voters that had never voted before, yet the old new labour wants to be a tory government mark 2 and will lose again no matter what and that again proves they are not fit to govern not in the UK but not in Scotland in particular.

The Scottish people will reject labour yet again if they adopt such a stupid posture of “austerity will work” nonsonse.

Labour Activists wont stand for this crap much longer, the unions wont support their guys either so unless they change their stances and support their new leadership Labour MP’s are in big danger of deselection and they deserve it for letting the vast majority of their supporters down right across the UK.