New National Lottery Game.

New National Lottery Game.

New National Lottery Game started on the 10th of October 2015 adding an extra 10 numbers proves their last move was a dissaster that we claimed.

Now its almost impossible to win, it was hard enough trying to get 6 out of 49 now you need 6 out of 59 so the odds of getting the correct 6 is now much worse.

It’s obvious as it was when they last changed the lotto that increasing its cost by !00% and the first prize by 250% all other winning tickets was going to suffer so they thought to themselves increase the number of balls will decrease the number of winning tickets making us more profits!

What they should have done was to go back to the old ways and £1 per play, people are going to notice its much harder to get 3 out of 59 instead of 49 so it stands to reason this is one daft and crazy idea that once again will fail to generate more cash or even more players.

Euro-millions is now the only lottery worth its entry fee its lowest prize of two correct numbers out of 50 is £3 yet to get two from the New National Lottery Game out of 59 winners get a free lucky dip in the next game, WOW!

UK lottery scam 1 Capture


UK lottery scam Capture









It’s not called rip off britain for nothing!