Android TV Support from either Philips or Sony is so bad the community needs to create its own website to support end users get the best out of their future media investment.

Philips TV Support helpline has over the last few days went into meltdown and no wonder if its because of my issues with the 55PUT6400/12 that has decided to reboot the Android TV Set on no less than 30 times in the last 48 hours.

Even more surprising given that no new firmware has been released for over 6 weeks, this must be OTA updates yet when the TV reboots it gives no warning no matter what source you may be watching from nor does it tell what was actually updated, if anything.

PHILIPS 55PUT6400/12 Android TV.

Philips said at its launch it had features no other set had, one of the reasons most people bought it in the first place, however it may well have them on board but they are simply not enabled or work period!

Things its meant to do but cant,


Yes you can access 4K streaming but very curious is the fact the TV states its only 1080p being displayed.

What they dont tell you or make very clear prior to purchase is you cant watch 4k via your USB’s, whats the point of that plus flash is not supported, even worse Mircacast does not function from PC to TV only android devices can push video streaming to TV through WiFi.

USB HD fails to record anything at all, it can however format drives but again what is the point.

Android TV’s could be briliant going forward but why release a product before xmas if it was still in development status before it was the finished article baffles me, perhaps it was both Philips and Sony desperate for share of the smart tv market and Google never had a say either way someone needs to come out and release a statement on who is doing what or a lot of TVs will be getting rejected!