Paul O’Connor MBE Faces Vote Of No-Confidence.

Paul O’Connor MBE Faces Vote Of No-Confidence.


Paul O’Connor MBE Faces Vote Of No-Confidence at his local Garthdee Community Council after Aberdeen City Council finds he breached the code of conduct.

It’s not the first time this blog has raised severe questions of Mr O’Connor MBE in the past five years but now he has been found Guilty by Aberdeen City Council’s legal and democratic services because of a complaint made by Mr David MacDonald that Mr O’Connor MBE had made comments to the national scot publication and on Mr O’Connor’s personal Facebook page. He was quoted as saying on the National Scot “It just goes against the grain with me. I just want to sit there at the meeting and say, ‘look here you little bastard’. I can’t help it. I’m sitting there with someone that’s so openly hate-filled and it’s really difficult. Something’s going to explode in one of the meetings. He’ll say something wrong and it’ll just hit the button.”

If that is not an implied threat then what is?

Below this was passed on to us from a concerned Garthdee Local.

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Paul O'Connor MBE Faces Vote of No Confidence

Aberdeen City Council also seems to agree fully with Mr MacDonald but what is baffling is the fact three local councillors wants to continue to support this MBE and City Burgess award holder no matter what he says or does.
Locals might want to reconsider sending their children to Inchgarth Community centre where the chair person is all the very same Mr O’Connor.
Is this the kind of thought process that goes on with the mind of a community centre leader that has obvious anger management issues?
Perhaps this is the reason the centre is having a hard time getting Volunteers to run their Youth programs that they may be forced to close their doors for good.
Of course behaviour such as this won’t come as any surprises to regular readers of this fact finding blog, readers will remember how inchgarth and its political friends managed to dupe Asda Foundation into giving inchgarth £10000 for a new floor even though locals turned up for a concert months earlier to pay for it (5th avenue) along with 2500 members fees of course they told us we were liars then only for us to be told Asda won’t support them anymore.
BAA gave them £50,000 for a cafe’ mark 3, inchgarth spent over £125,000 on three cafes in a building only leased to them, just plain crazy!
Then there was the complaints from Aberdeen council officials who alleged Mr O’Connor threatened to not only get his inchgarth youths to arson another council drop-in in another part of Garthdee but also get ex-con councillor Cassie to block the said development which did indeed take place which was against the rules.
This information came to us in a leaked document, we approached the council who confirmed it was genuine and gave us express permission to publish it on this blog June 2012.
FOI requests pointing to council staff complaining to their bosses of the treatment being dish out over the years.
Mr O’Connor sent out email to all community centres CLD staff and told them they were lazy and should all be sacked, he only had a year to wait for his mates to make most of that dream come true and was a massive error of judgment which the council and its tax payers are still reeling from today!
Of course it could be fairly stated he only wanted one centre to survive, his?
Then they tried to steal £80,000 of Kaimhill CC by getting Cassie and his mates to try and takeover which ended up costing the council a small fortune in legal fees only to lose the case and all because inchgarth their next door centre wanted to use funds he thought was his on a mini-bus which is still going strong today.


Inchgarth CC is also funded by other high profile businesses who must be wondering if they can continue to support this MBE holder with obvious anger management problems!


Mr O’Connor is also an Aberdeen City Burgess to now be found guilty by the very same body for a breach of conduct must surely raise question marks over whether this honour should be removed if after all appeals should fail in answering this code of conduct violations?


Will Mr O’Connor resign from these entities or soldier on regardless and what will this say about his supporters who have backed him all the way.