Stocks Worldwide Massive Selloff.

Stocks Worldwide Massive Selloff.

Stocks Worldwide Face a Massive Selloff as there is no growth, everytime we get forecasts from the IMF all their previous growth numbers are revised downwards.

Stocks Worldwide Massive Selloff, as an ex currency trader many moons ago I can say this entire market is fixed and its easy to see why.

Fareast stock markets dont trust China’s growth claims every indicator in China shows its slowing more than they claim and no-one says a thing.

The pound is now trading at $1.42 this figure is just plain crazy.

Inflation figures around the world is almost zero unless you live in Russia yet we are told growth stands year to year at 2.4% yet inflation is set at just 0.2%?

Employment figures in the UK stands at 5.1% of the working age yet there is falling wage growth, so we are told theres all-most zero employment with everyone not asking for a pay rise which is unblievable and has never ever happened before, not ever!

Wholesale gas prices has fallen nearly 50% in one year and no-one says a thing on domestic energy prices, why?

Uk petrol stands at 0.997 a lt cheaper than a bottle of tap/spring water by a margin of 100% and no-one says a thing?

The barrel that holds the oil is three times more expensive to produce and no-one says a thing, why?

Austerity is a massive failure that has only produced one result worldwide it has made the richest 1% equal to the 99% rest of us and no-one says a thing, why not?

Austerity is what the rich use to make people poorer and the above statement proves it?

Stocks Worldwide faces Massive Selloff because the bubble of Austerity only feeds the 1% of the “greedy want more” plebs who also run world Governments most by the backdoor.

50 MILLION YANKS use FOODBANKS, Austerity in full action!

UK Foodbanks in greater use week on week, day on day is a national disgrace and very few say anything or nothing at all, why not?

Stocks Worldwide Massive Selloff, after reading our opinions does anyone think we got it wrong?.