Evening Express Story Complete Fabrication

Evening Express Story Complete Fabrication

Evening Express Story about National Front Complete Fabrication.

Not for the first time that Aberdeen’s local evening newspaper has made it up as they go-along all in favour of their favourite local pin-up boy Mr Paul O’Connor MBE but yet again they are caught out about last night’s published story about National Front leader Mr Dave MacDonald shows there is something seriously wrong going on.
The Evening Express had a reporter in question at a local community council meeting along with 3 local councillors 2 policemen and 2 community wardens yes we know how often does this happen at other City Community council events, but if Mr O’Connor requires an audience it is provided for what was going to be a command performance of epic proportions and the reason was Mr Paul O’Connor MBE was so upset that the UK’s national front leader was one of the few fully elected members of Garthdee Community Council and was starting to ask awkward and difficult questions so they devised a scheme to get Mr MacDonald to feel guilty and resign from his post.


Mr O’Connor and his partner Mr Murray is both the Garthdee Community Council and Inchgarth Community Centre Chairman and Treasurer where money changes hands from both groups, nothing like a conflict of interest, Mr O’Connor released a document from the inchgarth community centre claiming the committee wanted to remove the Garthdee Community Council from using its council owned premises because there was a national front member serving his local community and they objected so they were asked to find somewhere else instead.

So here we are, Mr O’Connor MBE convenes a meeting where he is chairman and god almighty of both parties and tells himself to vacate his own community centre and find somewhere else to go, then tells his beloved local rag it’s all true, they publish it without a second thought even though they were told it was complete rubbish last weekend!

It now transpires it was all a big fat lie, Mr Scott Beattie, City Burgess the real inchgarth leader and well respected community worker; now claims it’s all a misunderstanding “we are not banning the Community council we only want the room to rent it out as we are losing income”, so much for the people by the people nonsense!

What’s next Mr O’Connor offering to get his Treasurer to pay fees back to themselves in order to stay where they are and getting both committees to agree to a suitable fee, it shows how conflicts of interests can perhaps be abused in cases like this!

Great idea Mr MBE then plots to move his Garthdee Community Council into Kaimhill wing hopefully for free and getting addittional income from freeing up the room at inchgarth currently being used by the Garthdee Community Council and all the while blaming it all on the National Front Chairman shows just how shameless this all adds up to and the reason ACC needs to act on this blatant conflict of interests!

Was this all about revenge as Mr O’Connor was found Guilty of a Breach of the code of conduct against Mr MacDonald by Aberdeen CCLO. for threatening remarks made in a national online quote and social media only weeks earlier that the Evening Express has totally failed to report nothing like bias reporting!

Some of the Elected members made public comments about this will they rethink given they were also hoodwinked bigtime or were they aware it was also made up rubbish?

Should anyone who holds an MBE, Burgess awards behave in such a way and allow the local rag to write a press release that was built on complete hogwash and allowed it to happen shows he can not be trusted by the people and for the people of Garthdee or anywhere else in this blogs humble self opinions?

So will the local rag retract their utter crap story and offer Mr MacDonald an official apology and write the real story of merely tongue and cheek remarks aleged to have been made in 2008 and confirmed on the night?

Will Mr O’Connor MBE and City Burgess say sorry, please forgive me folks?

Ofcourse we now know the chairman wants to spend some of the £35,000 planning gain at his inchgarth cc for euro disney mark2 playpark, 26k was alleged to have cost to furnish mark1 that could have been furnished for a fraction of the cost and as its on council land if the centre loses its lease who owns all the assets of the current centre, if a young person is injured who is liable for any damages because the council wont cover it and same question about the tennis courts?

Inchgarth CC also claims this blog is reporting the truth as always and complaining about it have they no shame?