Inchgarth Community Centre last week had a committee meeting and decided to discriminate against a national political leader who was elected by the local community not like most of the other co-opted members and ban the entire Garthdee Community Council from using Aberdeen City Council’s owned building for their official meetings.
What some might find as bizarre is the fact this community centre is run by the exact same treasurer and chairperson (life partners) that also do the same jobs on the community council in the same catchment area has asked the said community council not to attend and find other accommodations for their deliberations in future.
It therefore begs the question whether these two gentlemen can still offer their services to the community council and whether it would be in the best interests of the Garthdee community and resign from these posts?
Inchgarth Community Centre in this websites opinion does not have the right to discriminate against any legal political national leader because of their beliefs any more than the other way round and even more interestingly gave no indications of any right of appeals which proves the point that many have been saying for years there seems to be a direct conflict of interests so much so we would like to see the minutes of this 4th of Feb meeting, to ask whether the chair and treasurer noted their interests prior to the vote taking place?

Some might think this was an attempt to get rid of the elected member but there is no chance of that happening anytime soon.
It’s also worth mentioning this same chairperson was found guilty of the councils own regulations and found to be in breach of a code of conduct towards this member by calling him a LITTLE BASTARD any other things that showed he had clear and present anger management issues in the National Scot publications which clearly shows bias towards this elected member of the Garthdee community!
Should anyone that holds an MBE, Burgess of The City of Aberdeen and director of several organisations behave in such away no matter his own personal and private views?
He also runs a centre with very vulnerable clients and runs lots of children’s activities.
Aberdeen City Council has rightly offered him advice on his future conduct but doubt he will take it.
Inchgarth Community centre has a moto “for the people by the people” yes just as long as YOU agree with OUR political views which is perhaps called Inchgarth Community Centre Discrimination!

More info on what was alleged to have been said on the national Scot with quotes HERE!