Labour Party Clueless, it was not Corbyns fault the peasants revolted it was the consertives greed and Common Purpose and their new world order agenda

This can be proved by the fact the very first person to pop up was the true leader of common purpose in the UK Lord Mandleson who stated Corbyn should go!

These are Blaire supporters is it little wonder they all shared the same platform on the remainers side, most leavers were not CP.

MOST REMAINERS were and are Common Purpose members or at worst supporters and if that was not bad enough most Banks and the power brookers in the City of London are also CP and just when you think it cant get any worse most of European leaders are all CP as well.

TIPP is now dead and the knives are out for the labour leader as an act of revenge but we ask why, the reason it happened was every outer is sick of the way the country was going.

How is it 17 million votes who voted to leave is being totally ignored by rebel Labour MP’s shows these nutters should not represent the people they say they do.

Corbyn got it spot on and good on him out of the entire UK parliment 95% wanted us to remain in a corrupt EU and who was it that represented the views of the 17 million who wanted to leave?

In effect it showed there has and always has been a one party state and the only thing they had in common was common purpose and the reason they hated Corbyn was he was not a member as far as we know….:-)

As you can see this Morning OSBORNE said nothing of note or even substance and suddenly the City backs his stance and the value of the pound and shares goes up in the real world this would be a disaster but as everything is CP these days this could be just a fight back by the new world order only thing is the only way to get their plans back on track is allow Scotland to remain in the EU.

This would drive a wedge between UK countries and force a EU wide revote to take place.

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