Labour Rebel MPs in Danger of Deslection

Labour Rebel MPs in Danger of Deslection.

Labour rebel MPs in danger of deslection after a vote of no confidence on their leader Mr Corbyn.

Corbyn was set to defy the will of the rebels by stating he was elected to serve by the membership, just how they think they will win is anyones guess as its the membership that has all the power not MP’s.

Rebels might find their local party not to pleased with their MP’s and deslect them which I think Corbyn and his 40 strong loyal Labour MPs are hoping for.

People that voted to leave might not have been labour voters and if Corbyn did less the margin may have been larger, perhaps it was his leadership that produced a close run vote, the point is how on earth can the rebels claim its was Corbyns fault.

95% of Parliment backed remain before the vote 17 million voters rejected that altogether so how can anyone blame Corbyn shows they were looking for an excuse to get rid of a highly likeable working class leader and the people trying to get rid is people like Mags Hodge who was been reported as having family fortune of 2.1b and allegedly only paying 0.01% of UK tax you can start to understand why they want rid of him if he was ever to become PM?

The membership is fully aware why these rebels are so desperate to get rid of Corbyn and MacDonald as these guys can and will seriously damage their wealth going forward and thats one reason why so many labour supporters if any, deserted the labour party as a collective rather than the one, how arrogant are they?

They failed to look after the sick, disabled and unemployed and expect loyality from the masses, think again you bunch of hasbeens!

They wonder why they got trounced in Scotland and will never be trusted up here ever again….