We Live In A One Party State

We Live In A One Party State.

We Live In A One Party State and labour party member David Lammy says the EU vote was only advisory and wants parliment to overturn it next week.

We live in a one party state in the UK because 90% of all elected members wanted to stay members of the EU.

There was a 72% turnout and the people voted 52% to leave in all the UK in Scotland 62% of all votes were for remain.

The people of Scotland is more confused than ever before now we have it from the unionists the only way for Scotts to be in Europe was to vote NO in the 2015 indy vote only to now find out that was one big fat lie!

It now turs out Scottish labour and Scottish Tory activists now wants to have another indy vote to stay in the EU Family.

Of-course we were told in 2015 if we left the UK we were also out of Europe, yet here we are now being told by some EU sources we would be welcomed with open arms and legs.

Project fear and the leader of the free world stated the UK would be at the back of the cue 48 hours later now we are being told that was wishful thinking, what is going on here?

Was we all told a pack of lies?

Jim Sillars predicted all of this and the SNP leadership said he was crazy, perhaps they will be eating their words now, moreover if the SNP wins the next indy vote the chances are England will see the benefits of staying in and its in the EU’s best interests to see Scotland remain in the EU family and not get thrown out along with the rest of the UK.

We Live In A One Party State as labour/Tories are one of the same, Scotland is in effect a one party state right now with the SNP in charge.

If there is another indy vote its a fact SNP will win but this blog thinks any other EU vote will also fail as most supporters of remain only did so to force another indy vote and the one party states never mentioned this thus far!