International Scotland feels the need for voters to know the real facts, so what do you think of this from David Milligan, we thought it good enough to share;

Please be aware that because Westminster are still in control of the main economic levers for Scotland, it is they who bear the responsibility for any poor figures.

Also the GERS (Government Expenditure and Revenue in Scotland) is a set of figures produced by the Scottish Office (not a part of Holyrood) using data produced by the UK treasury.

We know it’s a work of creative accountancy which aims to diminish the actual output from Scotland.


The British establishment will tell any lie to keep the people of Scotland believing they’re too poor to become an independent country.


Because they rely on the wealth of Scotland and our exporting muscle to keep the balance of payments for the whole UK in order.


Scotland is an exporting nation and England is an importing nation.

In other words, we’re kept in place to prevent inflation in England from shooting out of control.

That’s not our fault and we’re starved of resources and incidentally our own money to keep things right south of the border.

Wake up Mr & Mrs Scotland, times running out to break free of the political and economic union with England and enjoy our own wealth.

I have nothing against anyone in England, I just detest that we’re getting ripped off and made to feel as if it’s our fault.

indyref2 cannot happen soon enough.

The damage gets worse day by day.

Also there’s this;-


If it’s news to you? then you read it here first!