The bad news is there is no Brexit Latest News other than the Government and its ministers are completely useless and at odds with the PM.

Britain’s prime minister has said Brexit Minister David Davis comments on the European Union single market are just “his opinion” and not government policy.

The rift between UK PM Theresa May and Davis highlights the fact that even the highest echelons of government are still not clear on what exactly Brexit means.

Of course International Scotland told everyone including our loyal readers this would happen, in fact we will stick our necks out and say the chances of an article 50 in 2017 is even more unlikely.

Even if its triggered the chances of it going through before the next election are now rated by us as Zero.

No one in Government wants this to now happen, the SNP does not want it, 80% of Torries says no and Labour (who are they again) says they want another vote.

Labour states today the want the final deal to go back for yet another Ref vote, they are nutters!

Scotland wants another indy vote and would win it hands down, the conservitives are fully aware it would lose the Union but if they fudge Article 50 the SNP might not get another mandate like the last time so its a win, win for them!

Then there’s the total rubish by the stay camp of gloom and doom of a economy in a nose dive, project fear is now the real victim that if the Tory Party ever attempts project fear again that vote will only ever go one way, Scottish home rule for sure.

Brexit Latest News, are wont be Brexit Latest News for sometime to come or of any real substance and that will be by design.

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