Ridiculously Rich Cakes

Ridiculously Rich Cakes | Ridiculously Rich by Alana

Ridiculously Rich Cakes, Ridiculously Rich by Alana  wins this years BBC The Apprentice Show and yet again like last years shows all thats wrong in its delivery.

Ridiculously rich cakes by Alana and the second placed candiate did what happened last year after the win all contenders all failed to make sure both brand names were available on the domain market, they are meant to be the brightest business minds in the uk.

Yet again both contenders that was so sure of their business plans failed to secure their brand names and more importantly the entire range of domain registers like the RidiculouslyRich.com, RidiculouslyRich.co.uk as these are already registered.

The same happened last year when the chosen winner was climbonline who ended up with a stupid domain name with a hyphen in it and then tried to convince many they were SEO experts!

A quick look at the search engines for Ridiculously Rich on Google shows its going to be tough going as that keyword term will also bring up a certain type of models so it makes more sense to name it Ridiculously rich cakes

What business in this day and age gets so much publicity for so long and does not forward plan and by up loads of domain names for the future winner of the show which is something they are going to have to put right next year as this comes across as amature in the extreme.

International Scotland wishes Alana all the sucess in the world with her Ridiculously rich cakes/Ridiculously Rich by Alana.