Trump Makes Fake News all the time, he accuses others like CNN and the Washington Post of doing what he has done all own his own.

In the last few weeks what the people of Scotland has known since 2006 and now the American people have discovered the so-called leader of the free world and the great white hope is the biggest pork pier LIAR in the land.

First Obama hacked my phones ans stated over and over yet so far everyone says thats bogus crap yet yesterday they claimed it was the Britts, yes GCHQ.

Last night GCHQ came out of the shadows and stated no way Trumpty the Numpty did will bug Trump Tower next he will be telling us it was the Greys (ET) that was all behind it!

Trump is now desperate to blame someone perhaps 90 yearold Molly Forbes from Balmedie Scotland will get a mention.

Then we have Obama Care, remember he said all in inverted quotes incase you never knew that means to trump (LIES) anyway he said “eveyone in America will get health care, no one will be left out) more Trump Makes Fake News, after 2 months the guys a laughing stock.

His friends worries for his mental health as its said he wants everyone to love him our advice to him is get out now before what real friends he has still will be!

Trump knows bad news thats real is coming down the line his plan is to try and make everything fake news that way no-one will know if its really fake or not or even cares by that stage, watch this space?

Sound bites are great for downtrodden yanks but soon everyone learns that everything he does is for his personal fortune and not for the American people.

His cabinet is full of billionaires, hes scraping countless public boddies making it even easier for all his rich mates to become even richer.

He wont release his tax returns when he stated he would, his son stated in 2008 that they got more in revenue from Russia than all other assets put together, kind of tells its own story.

TRUMP MAKES FAKE NEWS – he sure does.