Trump in deep trouble, we have heard it so many times, this website has told you for years Trump is bad news and did anyone listen?

Trump in deep trouble with the Stormy latest, Mr Trump was asked on airforce one “did you know about the payment”? NO he says, is he for real, his body language was all over the place – he thought who is going to find out and besides even if the do my base will just think its fake news as they believe anything I say anyway, not anymore?

Not this time trumpy, Trump in deep trouble he sure is and tonight our contacts are saying its a lot more severe then trumpy could ever have thought theres recorded tapes everywhere in CNN is reporting the same info as we have been told?

Trump knows if International Scotland says something we are always spot on, we were the first blog to say it loud and say it proud that trumpy hates gays and we were right way back in 2016 he used to read this site daily as we have had more than our fair share of legal run-ins with him his so-called super doper all singing, all dancing usless web team that cant even w3c validate his websites just makes us laugh!

He tried bully us and took us to WIPO who broke every regulation in their books just to say yes Mr Trump three bags full, anything you say sir!

Trump in deep trouble and even he can’t climb out of the hole he himself has dug and hes an expert hole digger, just ask the then 84 yearold Molly Forbes around 10 years ago, yes he tried to bully her as well?

Then there was last week, we are not going to comment on that other than saying he was caught out lying again with the Sun newspaper, the guy is a Liar, Liar Trumps Pants are on Fire and Trump in deep trouble! yeeha!

Although he loves to be in the news and that poor Mrs Trump, I hope he’s done the right thing and went down on his knees and asked for forgiveness? Your joking, no-way his massive ego would allow such personal weakness or he would have to ask his best bud Vlad to give him a slap special at his next very private meeting in September if hes still in the oval office that is?

Why has the American press not asked the first lady her thoughts on all this begs the biggest question they were never this slow when Mrs Clinton was being asked what poor Monn* was doing under Mr Clintons office desk?

Last night he proved Trump was in Deep Trouble by doing what he always does he comes out with utter rubbish on fake news and blames them for himself making a fool of himself again over Russia, they must be loving this stuff!

Trump in Big Trouble
Trump in Deep Trouble




TRUMP must own the copyright of FLIP-FLOP as he does it almost every day on all things Russia even they must wonder if this guy is of stable mind?

If Trump is in big trouble then so are all of us including the Russian people, be carefull for what you wish for, lol.