Virgin Mobile Phone Complaints

Virgin Mobile Phone Complaints

Virgin Mobile Phone Complaints is on the increase and its not just about signal quality now its about ripping off customers if your Virgin Mobile Develops a serious fault.

Who would have thought it possible that VIRGIN MEDIA would sink so low as to try and rip off customers by only offering the current handset value if any phone should become unrepairable rather than a straight refund or replacement and they want their customers to pay off their remaining credit aggreements!

So in effect Virgin is saying lets forget all about the sale of goods act we decide what your going to get, if anything at all?

For example Virgin could in theory supply a faulty phone and three months later the customer finds out and asks for a refund, the phones mifght be a samsung s9+ at £900 but virgin values are trade in prices which would mean the customer losing over 60% of the handsets price at point of sale?

Who in their right minds would want to purchase a phone on these stupid and scary terms, Virgin handset prices are also well above market prices in general in the first place although their airtime packages are very good value.


Of course if they keep sending your handset away for repair many times they dont care as your still paying off your handset and all the while your phone is losing value?

Look below and see a post seen on virgin medias facebook page this weekend and make up your own mind on how they refund faulty goods and the value they place on customer services.

They are also deleting customer comments that they deem bad news stories for them as their fibre broadband seems to be in meltdown all over the country?

Have you had your facebook posts deleted if you have post your complaints to this new virgin distpute website

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Virgin Mobile Phone Complaints