Monkey Dust Drug Fears are on the increase in Scotland due in part to its cheap to use zombie effects which seems to be used more often by homeless people.

It is thought this new monkey dust drug first surfaced around the Stoke/Manchester area around 18 months ago and is causing massive concerns and there is a growing concern that this should be reclassed as a class B drug to a class A although it would make zero difference to the end user and only effect drug dealers in longer prision sentances.

International Scotland has reached out to the charity Dadscare and they have had intel from clients that this drug is on its way to Scotland and its no big secret this could be the drug of choice because its so cheap to purchase.

The BBC victoria production this mornings guests has stated this has caused many deaths already although it might not be officially recorded as such!

Monkey Dust Drug Fears aer well founded given what this rehashed compound from a 2010 formular causes its users to have emence strenght and of seeing things that seems very real.

Regular Drug Users that have used samples of this drug have stated its effects are off the scale of anything they have every tried before this was also stated on the BBC this morning and creates a massive fear this may be the drug of choice in the future!