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Trumpgate 2017 could be much bigger than Watergate ever was when did Trump know what Flynn was upto or was he the one that ordered the sanctions fix?

Trumpgate 2017 has the potential to kill off the presidency before its even begun and the reason is someone must have told Flynn what to discuss with the Russians, its obvious he was not acting alone and one thing is for sure VP Pence knew nothing about it so that only leaves one suspect unless your thick!

The Hill smells blood and lots of it, tonight we are told it was a trust issue, whatever that means?

Lets face it Trumpgate 2017 is here to stay, why would any new adminastration be so keen to get off and running offering the ruskies a sanctions deal.

Just like Watergate the real story behind it just grew legs and arms and as the Whitehouse Leaks like a sive Trumpgate 2017 will likely follow the same way.

Like this little corker of a newssnip from the Washington Post in 2016

“Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” Trump’s son, Donald Jr., told a real estate conference in 2008, according to an account posted on the website of eTurboNews, a trade publication. “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” REALLY!

It does not add up and Trump waited nearly 3 weeks to kick Flynn into the long grass at Menie Estate no doubt Flynn will get a retirement pass if he manages to keep his former boss from following him.

Its obvious to any reasonable person they are all in this together and now Flynn can’t rely on his employment to keep him safe from the law that Trump screams about and fully supports or so he says will make him swear on oath what his boss told him to pass on to their Russian friends.

This NSA guy must have known every word he said would be recorded by other security personnel and if not deserves to be sacked.

Yesterday Trump looked like he was out of his depth along side his Canadian counterpart and looked at times as though he was going to throw-up and be sick but none of us plebs knew what was going through his mind at the time and he did well not to be sick.

Perhaps it was the VP that set this Trumpgate 2017 all up as he knows Trump knows nothing about politics and besides if Trump goes the VP takes over, genius!

You cant say we never told you, like cutting off the water supply of an 83 yearold Scottish Lady just google Molly Forbes Balmedie here? (what a great guy)

Things will only get worse any political friends he has now will run a mile and this potential scandal will perhaps be called Trumpgate 2017.

Footnote someone has just rented

Word of warning Trump protects his name and he will be to WIPO in a flash as he thinks hes the only person that could use a domain with the word TRUMP in it, he should change his trademark to GOD because thats what he thinks he is.

House of Lords Shambles

House of Lords Shambles.

House of Lords will be condemed as a waste of space if they back down in their attempt to stop unfair and greedy Tory tax credit cuts next week.

Nobody seems to be commenting on why it is that the Lords are able to introduce a “Fatal Motion”, and the reasons why it is possible; as I understand it, a “Fatal Motion” can only be brought against legislation which had not been included in either a Manifesto or in The Queens Speech when opening Parliament – therefore, legislation upon which the electorate cannot have considered when voting for their Government. The purpose of such a motion is quite clear and constitutional, to stop a Government from enacting legislation for which it has no mandate from the electorate, and which may have decided the electorate to vote otherwise had they been made aware of it. Ultimately, it is the Government who has acted unconstitutionally and is attempting to put through laws for which they have no mandate from the people they are elected to serve.
Its not the first time and wont be the last either, but English voters are to blame for electing the Torris back in and they will so again because there not very bright, while we are in the union with them our anti-austerity voice can not be heard therefore we need Scottish home-rule now?
Lying scumbags!
Makes one proud to be British, NOT!



TV Price Matching Fixed might not be a surprise to some UK shoppers or even to most shoppers in the rest of the world but do you know how they do it?

John Lewis Stores used to be the best on the high street at price matching just about everything but now they don’t have to.

Before the high street fixed the market shoppers only had to pick a consumer item get the model number, stick it into a seach engine and instantly get the best supplier price on the day including delivery costs for a like for like comparison!

Most people cant do that any more because of less and less high street competition manufacturers are making the same models but supplying electronic stores with different part and model numbers so shoppers cant get the best deal and thus supplied locally.

Argos has some high end Samsung TV’s that is only exclusive to them at a very attractive pricing but if other suppliers has the same goods and spec’s shoppers can’t ask for a Price Match because it will have a different part or model numbers.

Is it any wonder then TV Price Matching is becoming a thing of the past which only benefits the retailers and must be anti-competitive and subject to review.

To do your own research, pick a any TV on line, copy and paste the model number into any search engine and see how many retailers has the same model?

On the popular models most retailers have the same ones but not surprising is the fact they are all very similar in price therefore go big gains in local price matching offers.

They dont call this island “Rip Off Britain” for nothing.



SNP makes UK political history with almost a total landslide with only 3 seats left to other parties of labour, Tory and Libdems what a rout.

1.4M votes another Scottish record broken, Westminster will hate it, the English will be amazed and the rest of the world will be in total shock.

They might finish with 329 true blues but they only need to lose the support of three votes and its tatties as we say up here.

Scottish Labour is out of ideas, out of MP’s, they lost their stupid Murph the Smurf appartently in their crazy rules their leader has to be a sitting MP oh well that means there can only be 1 and he does not want it, what a shambles that only Scottish labour can manage.

Ed says vote for us you get a labour government another porky.

Congrats to the new SNP Aberdeen south and north MP’s and lets face it Anne Begg did naff all for Scottish disabled people and only has herself to blame for her massive defeat.

Congrats to Kirsty Blackman a very hard working local councillor gets her just rewards, well done Kirsty.

To top it all off the biggest political swing in history of any kind proves Scotland is a political force to be feared and now very much respected!




Commenting on Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael’s admission, in evidence today to Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee, that the UK Government has inserted blocking clauses into its proposals for more devolution, Linda Fabiani MSP said:

“Alistair Carmichael has given the game away, by suggesting that Scotland can’t be trusted with new powers, which shows just how out of touch Westminster is with the public mood north of the border.

“Mr Carmichael has effectively admitted that Westminster is deliberately blocking the Scottish Government from being free to do as it wishes when it comes to issues like scrapping the Bedroom Tax.

“That is not true devolution and – whatever the protests about it not being a veto – it does not live up to the spirit of the Smith Commission’s report.”

Ms Fabiani added:

“Even the limited powers recommended by the Smith Commission do not live up to the pre-referendum rhetoric of the ‘Vow’ from the Unionist parties.

“And now we’re being told by Labour’s anti-devolution partners that we shouldn’t even have the Smith proposals without Westminster strings attached.

“That is exactly the kind of arrogant, out of touch approach that is doing such damage to all of the Westminster parties and which they face paying a very heavy price for in May.”


SNP comment on TV dabates on the news Labour, Lib Dem and UKIP leaders have jointly written to broadcasters to press ahead with general election TV debates even if David Cameron refuses to take part – but excluding the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Greens – SNP Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie MP said:
UKIP is now part of the Westminster establishment along with Labour and the Lib Dems, and this proves it.
It’s quite astounding that Labour are prepared to work with UKIP on a debate format which excludes the SNP, Plaid Cymru and Greens.
Yesterday Labour voted with the Tories on austerity, today they are working with UKIP on debates.
A recent YouGov poll shows that most people across the UK support Nicola Sturgeon being included on the televised leaders debates – we want these debates to happen, and they must include the SNP.
The polls show that south of the border, and across the nations and regions of the UK, people rightly recognise the need to have fair representation in the televised debates.
“With a larger membership than the Lib Dems and UKIP combined, and more elected MPs than UKIP, the case for including the SNP is unanswerable.
“The addition of the SNP, Plaid and the Greens with Nicola Sturgeon, Leanne Wood and Natalie Bennett will also rightly show that politics across the UK isn’t just an old boys club.”




The Scottish National Party announced today (Thursday) that it is tabling a series of Freedom of Information requests and Parliamentary Questions at Westminster to demand “full disclosure” of UK government activities to pressurise business people to speak out on behalf of the No campaign.

This follows the report in the today’s Financial Times that ‘several senior defence executives’ told the newspaper that they ‘were being pressed’ to oppose a Yes vote in the referendum – one senior defence executive said that UK officials were making “deft use of the dark arts” and that ministers have been doing this “energetically”.

The newspaper reports that: ‘The government’s decision to put pressure on companies to speak out against independence suggests anxiety about the referendum result in September.’

This reflects reports in the Sunday Herald newspaper that UK diplomatic resources are being used abroad to support a No vote and brief against an independent Scotland.

SNP Westminster leader and defence spokesperson Mr Angus Robertson MP said:

“These damning revelations expose the fact that UK Government Ministers are attempting to pressure companies which depend on MoD orders and contracts to speak out on behalf of the No campaign. We need to know which ministers and officials are involved, and what exactly they are doing and saying to exert this pressure. One senior defense company executive has accused the UK Government of making ‘deft use of the dark arts’.

“We also need to know the extent to which this is happening across other sectors of the economy, and the SNP will be tabling a series of Freedom of Information requests and Parliamentary Questions at Westminster to get full disclosure of this secret and underhand activity.

“The No campaign have been hoist by their own petard on this issue, given that they have now been exposed for indulging in exactly the kind of activity that they have falsely accused the Scottish Government of.

“We now have clear evidence of a furtive whispering campaign both at home and abroad in support of the No campaign, utilising public money, by a UK Government whose Prime Minister is too frightened to debate First Minister Alex Salmond face to face. It is clear that the No campaign is badly rattled.

“Independence will offer great opportunities for companies in all sectors – and it is to the credit of the companies involved here that they appear to have resisted the pressure they were put under by Westminster Ministers.”

Homecoming Scotland 2014 Blog

Homecoming Scotland 2014 Blog.

Homecoming Scotland 2014 picture

Homecoming Scotland 2014 celebrations will be coming to Scotland next summer and as the staff at International Scotland was at the forefront of promoting the 2009 events we will be opening up our 2014 blogger site for this event starting this Wednesday till its close we will cover every event and promote every company or group taking an active part  in this Scottish 2014 Event.

To stay fully informed please click on this Homecoming Scotland 2014 blogger site and bookmark or put in your favorites for future reference, this site is full of information gathered from all over Scotland just before the last event in 2009.