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Latest Bookmaker News on Yes Vote (Shocker)

Latest Bookmaker News on Yes Vote (Shocker)

Have you thought of placing a large bet on the result of the Yes Vote yet?

This report might perhaps change your minds, the authors of this blog has carried out research all over Scotland on the latest bookmakers prices on the Yes vote Scotland 2014 and you may be shocked at our findings but we ask our readers to check out our reports locally yourself.

Lets set the scene for you; its basically a two horse race where the bookies know there will be no dead heats so only one winner will be announced in the red corner we have the NO’s at 1 to 6 on favourite’s this means you only get £1 back in winnings if you place £6 on the No campaign wins (highly unlikely). In the righteous Scottish Blue Corner, Yes voters are at 4 to one this means you get back £5 for every £1 bet you place.

This is where it gets interesting, Bookmakers are refusing to take very large bets on the YES Vote but are taking unlimited sums on a no vote which means they know the YES vote is too close to call!


In any two horse race in the entire world this would only apply to the hot race favourite, we are not saying that the bookmakers are hyping the no vote to suit their own greedy agenda’s but you have to ask yourselves how they are refusing YES CAMPAIGN BACKERS from placing large bets on a YES VOTE BEING SUCCESSFUL IN September 2014,


It should also be noted in normal practice this is how a two horse race betting show is produced;

when one horse is quoted as 1/6 on the other horse is usually around 3/1 against – the independence betting show is not genuine because of this example, how do we know this? We asked the bookmakers who are themselves confused how these prices were reached! and it was the bookmakers who quoted the 3/1 against price being more realistic if the 1/6 price was genuine.






The Scottish National Party has said it’s time David Cameron “showed some guts” on the referendum, as the Prime Minister ducked a challenge from Pete Wishart MP at Prime Minister’s Questions to make the case for No in a debate with First Minister Alex Salmond.


SNP MP Mr Wishart said:


“David Cameron’s failure to accept the debate challenge shows that he is all over the place on Scotland. He previously said ‘I look forward’ to the debate, but now he is running a mile from it.


“His Tory-led government at Westminster is leading the No campaign, yet the Prime Minister doesn’t have the guts to debate against the First Minister of Scotland. If the Prime Minister doesn’t have the confidence to debate the issues, why should anyone in Scotland have any confidence in the scaremongering of the No campaign?


“Perhaps it’s because David Cameron has also said that Scotland be a ‘successful, independent country’- he knows that the case for No would be demolished in a head-to-head debate with the First Minister, and he knows that the Labour/Tory alliance is a huge weakness for the anti-independence campaign.”



Inchgarth chairman Paul O’ Connor MBE has been elected as the chairman of the Federation of Aberdeen community centres.

Paul said- ” this is an exciting time for all members of the federation. This new organisation means that together we will have a stronger voice while having complete autonomy while running our own centres”
Further he said ” This gives us a great opportunity to raise our combined profile, raise standards of practice and pathe the way to work better with our partners in the city council”

Lets look into this further, when the leased centre management committees were asked to attend their meeting in Torry it was found that on their invitations that Paul was already their elected chair before there was even a vote?

Many centres have questioned why each centre had to pay £100 each for a federation membership fee what will they do with this money or moreover who will hold it?

According to the inchgarth twitter feed inchgarth is yet again in dispute with ACC officials how does that square with the statement above of raise standards of practice and pathe the way to work better with our partners in the city council” Are they sure they have elected the right person to be their spokesman?







Oh dear it seems inchgarth cc the one and only is at it again, just because we have ignored them/him for ages due to their increasingly strange decision making of late has decided to throw insults at their neighbors Kaimhill learning centre.

It’s because Kaimhill is now a thriving learning hub with more and more user-groups using the centre than ever before, of-course inchgarth cc had their chances to take-over the centre but blew their chance when there was nothing in it for them.

Never-mind the people of Kaimhill now has a centre and a HALLA committee to be proud of and to show inchgarth how its done with a program filled with real world content and offering continuous personal development showing that when the HALLA committee steps up to the plate and shows a willingness to work with others than you know HALLA is the group to take the people of kaimhill and Aberdeen forward and upwards!

Then we have inchgarth doing what inchgarth cc does best insult people who challenges them to answer questions which are always in the public interest and they hate it, here is a flavor of their latest twitter insults and bad mouthing off of others; 

4 May

It’s amazing how certain so called professional community workers have an intense, deep rooted, irrational jealousy of all things inchgarth.

4 May

And equally as irrational how a certain family, their relatives and mates, not to mention ex cld workers can commandeer a local facility!

4 May

Final thought of the day- Internet trolls and vile stalkers, yes they do exist within the confines of a city council building nearby! Evil!!

6 May

Inchgarth considering a door to door campaign in some other communities to enlighten good folk, birkhall parade a great street to start !

Above screen captures taken!

Nothing like being called ‘vile evil stalkers’ or even real stalking threats of yet again asking my neighbors and local shops, got any dirt on he who lives over there?

Is this the voice of reason or even a MBE award holder? We think not but this is very close to irrational behavior and sounds like defamation to us and all because people want to go to the kaimhill learning centre instead, it might offer much of the same facilities but at least the coffees are free all day long, while you learn something new and exciting and with better value for money !

Wont be long before all three local Councillors will be holding all their surgeries over there instead!





One of the international Scotland admin team was present at a community centre meeting in September 2011 and witnessed elected Councillors and the inchgarth chairperson dishing out a fair share of bullying to council officials and was so disgusted at their behavior wrote an official complaint to Aberdeen City Council to which no action or reply was ever given all I was told was it was not in the public interest or their interest even though every community centre leaders were there and witnessed it.  This is my complaint at the time in full!


Dear Sirs, I wish to make an official complaint about certain elected members of Aberdeen City Council and the actions of some of Aberdeen’s Leased Community Centres managers that attended a meeting of the management for communities on the evening of Thursday 22nd of September 2011.

I was at this meeting representing ANOTHER community centre and was one of the first to arrive at the meeting, I was greeted at the door then presented with refreshments and handed the management agreement for my perusal before the meeting was due to start!


I was seated at the rear of the room next to the refreshment area to the far right of the room looking towards where the officers were. I was there for around 10 minutes before Mr Paul O’Connor then sat down in front of me to tell me off so to speak for daring to call into question his running of the Inchgarth / Kaimhill CC which came as no shock to me.


One of the officers came into the room where Mr O’Connor’s partner Andrew said “woodcocks in” O’Connor turned saw her turned to me and said, “Do you know that bitch”? I said no, he said “if it’s the last thing I do am going to get her the sack for what she has done to me” he went on without any prompting from me “ She was the one who stuck me in and did the report you keep referring to on your website detailing the report of 21st of April 2011.


I said to him how he could be so negative about the report when in fact it was a truthful document in the first place?


The hall started filling up very quickly, Councillors Townsend, Yuill, West and Crockett were within 5 feet of me along with Paul and Andy from ICC when the meeting opened, Mrs Cassidy got less than ten words out before the Councillors was giving the signal to one of the guys from the leased centres to stand up and basically abuse the officers by telling them they were useless, a few more finger pointing of directions saw others rise to their feet and it was like reading from a script and before anyone knew anything Paul told Councillor West to “get her” “get the meeting finished” it was obvious it was pre planned so much so the leader of inchgarth has said on his website he only went there to stop the said meeting.


Their plan was to divide and conquer and it worked a treat because the non-leased centres did not have a clue what the contents of the documents were that they said were at a late stage of near agreement.


Councillor West went on to confirm after my centres chair. ********* pressurised Councillor West into telling everyone that he and Paul had private a secret discussions about having a meeting set up with A Bruton before the evening’s meeting had already started was a total abuse of power and proceedings.

Both the groups divided into separate rooms the officers in the corridors it was just appalling these Councillors should know better, however before the meeting Councillor Crochet did say he was there to observe what the other Councillors were up to that evening and as far as I can see played no part in the proceedings.


When both groups came together Mr O’Connor launched what could only be described as a hate speech against the officers and as many people witnessed it am sure others will report it to, what was worse was the Councillors seemed to love every second of these verbal attacks and totally condoned his actions, what is becoming of our elected officials in Aberdeen is there no shame!


After the meeting the officers were much shaken and very upset not one person other than me tried to comfort them the Councillors and the inchgarth party remained in the room were bear hugging each other in front of the officers and congratulating themselves on a job well done!

If the above is not bullying then what is it, Valerie Watts ACC chief executive officer has basically said no bullying has ever took place yet she is aware of this report/complaint and did nothing about it at all.



George Osborne told by IMF chief: To rethink your austerity plan!

Christine Lagarde says IMF has changed its mind on UK’s deficit reduction strategy due to weak economic figures, what? It was only a year ago the IMF said it was a great plan and it was on course to work a treat!

LIB DEMS to blame, they allowed their coalition partners, sorry fully supported them in all things Austerity to put the people of this once proud nation under the cosh and squeeze the life out of ordinary people that we now have negative growth rising unemployment 99% get poorer, 40% more child poverty and the richest 1% getting richer under this and every Tory government shows the Tories are still the same old feed the rich, starve the poor party.

Their motto “work hard pays” proves its a lie, it only makes the rich, richer!

IMF is not without fault either they told the British people the government was on track last year and more or less fully backed Austerity as a sure way of reducing deficits,  we now know this to be a lie and falsehood.

The only thing in Mr Osborne’s favour is he and they never went as far as poor old Greece which today will be kicking itself for allowing the IMF the European central bank to hoodwink them into killing their economy for ever.

Apparently the IMF is now saying they want to reverse the austerity plans because they are not working, no really, what a shock, not!

As an old one small time currency dealer even I knew this would never work from the off, when you squeeze the poor zero money is spent straight away, the old argument was if the rich got richer they would deposit their wealth into the banking system where the banks can off-load to less well-off clients in the form of loans but this dynamic has changed because of this government and the old one of allowing tax dodging to become the norm of large international companies and its directors.

Squeezing the poor has failed big-time, making the rich richer including massive tax breaks to most of the governments already super rich cabinet ministers proves they are not doing Austerity for the nations benefit proves that the only way Scotland and its people can have a future is to break away from London for good.

Well done the Tory party they claim to be a unionist party but in the last 3 years have done everything in their power to break this myth once and for all!

Scotland’s economy grew .5%  last quarter because of the support of the Scottish government not because of Tory Austerity planning in London which proves Austerity only serves 1% of its people and when its the 1% of our people who makes the rules there’s no chance of these chickens voting for their own Christmas anytime soon which will make next months IMF meeting very interesting but then again who will listen to what they have to say they never get anything right themselves and are just poodles to the richest 1% because and in reality they are in the 1% rich club themselves.

The IMF knows there will be no u-turn here they are merely doing the usual saving face exercise, when the economy goes into free fall and they will say we told you so.

Voting for Scottish Independence is very scary proposition but how can it be any worse at least they know how to give the country some economic growth in these dark times and some hope for it’s people in the future unlike the clueless duo above!

UPDATE; While the world waits till the bomber was caught in Boston the credit agency fitches reduced the UK’s credit rating down to AA+ from its triple AAA rating the GOVERNMENT SAID THREE YEARS AGO Austerity was the only way to protect it, they must be using the same bank experts as you know who?


Trump Gets Kicked Where It Hurts

Trump Gets Kicked Where It Hurts

Old Donald Trump was warned by us not to underestimate the Scottish people or its resolve by picking a fight with the very people who first gave him some hope.

The Scottish Government today gave approval for the offshore wind farm he says he empowered people to reject, oh well they can feel as empowered as they want but it wont stop wind farms from being built there right on the Donald’s plaything his Golf Resort just outside Aberdeen.

This website was the first to warn him but did he listen, nope!

When he came here they thought the Scottish people were weak, so they set about annoying as much of the local residents as possible and now when he needs them most he has no chance, well done Trump yes your mummy would be proud, not!

Scottish people don’t like bully boys period, for every time they tried to bully one of their locals thousands joined the ranks of saying no!

This website was the first to warn him but did he listen, nope!

Now we assume the timeshares and second course will not be started and the new course has started to produce new holes all over the course because of moving sand dunes, unless it was all bluff.

This website was not the first to warn him but all the universities did, did he listen, nope!

This website has new advice, stop digging for your own troubles, respect the locals they probably hate the idea of wind farms less than you but if it means getting rid of you what option do you think they will pick?

This website was to first to warn you but will you listen, that’s up to you but time is running out!

Homecoming Scotland 2014 Blog

Homecoming Scotland 2014 Blog.

Homecoming Scotland 2014 picture

Homecoming Scotland 2014 celebrations will be coming to Scotland next summer and as the staff at International Scotland was at the forefront of promoting the 2009 events we will be opening up our 2014 blogger site for this event starting this Wednesday till its close we will cover every event and promote every company or group taking an active part  in this Scottish 2014 Event.

To stay fully informed please click on this Homecoming Scotland 2014 blogger site and bookmark or put in your favorites for future reference, this site is full of information gathered from all over Scotland just before the last event in 2009.




Working Health Services Grampian




Working Health Services Grampian



Working Health Services Grampian
Working Health Services Grampian is a UK Government initiative aimed at supporting those working in small-medium sized companies in Grampian to return to work.

If you fill in the on-line form and you are eligible this will allow you to jump the queue for Health Services, some services are offering two to three days, do you consider this above board?


I certainly don’t as there are millions of patients who have been waiting for months to see their specialists for normal and also life giving treatment and there are also crazy waiting times for NHS Physiotherapy treatment – this new scheme promises a two or three day waiting time? How can they suddenly find slots to treat these patients when there are none at present?

You may expect a letter to drop through your door in the guise of the NHS which seems rather strange because neither the Scottish Government or the UK Government are telling anyone.

At present the website is being monitored by the surveymonkey company to see how many people will take up the offer – are we now heading towards the NHS being privatised in stealth mode?

The Scottish Government need to address this subject and tell everyone what is going on.

Waiting lists are obviously a scam when they can promise by letter that two or three days will get them treatment as long as they fill in the requested forms.

Who Actually Paid For Inchgarth Floor?

Who Actually Paid For Inchgarth Floor?

Asda’s Julie Ward stated on her email to International Scotland that the purpose of the inchgarth floor donation was in-line with her trustees purposes but we have uncovered new evidence that suggests this was a not the case at all, Asda said they were donating the entire amount of 10,000 pounds to pay for the re-covering of the main hall at inchgarth as you can see from a screen capture of the inchgarth website last May inchgarth had already laid the floor before they knew they were getting the funds this proves most of the donation of ten thousand pounds went into general inchgarth funds a breach of Asda foundation charity funding regulations.

The question being asked by many local residents is if inchgarth did not know about the funds coming from Asda foundation 10 weeks after they held a sell out crowd of 500 at 15 pounds entry fee’s and 3500 pounds bar profits and started the flooring works on the 21st of March 2012 and completing it roughly 36 hours later if the centre had no funds to pay for it themselves, its obvious to everyone reading this once the money from Asda was cashed what was the original concert funds then used for?

Inchgarth sources have said for the last few weeks that the floor never started till after they got the asda foundation funding we now know by a recent uncovering by one of the other admin team this was untrue, we were aware of this before hand but nothing to prove that till now!

Asda confirmed it had done its own inquiry and decided it was the end of the matter, where or what information they gathered is unknown at this time and they can donate to whoever they like but they say they pride in themselves for delivering to good causes and staying within their stated funding regulations of not giving donations to groups or charities to put into their general funding accounts the screen capture below proves they failed in this regards with the said donation to the garthdee based group?

 inchgarth relaid floor before asda donated the moneycapture










Just where this latest gaff from Ms Ward that it was all hunky Dorie, just wont wash!

Inchgarth says the works got done after they got the foundations money, asda says they paid for the job to get done, there was a concert held on the 17th of March for the purpose of raising their own funding which was a huge success and raised several thousands of pounds but as you can see above inchgarth and its centre users all said that the works were completed 10 weeks before Asda gave a donation claiming inchgarth was basically skint as you can see below, it just does not add up and as the inchgarth sources continue to shout out ‘you cant make this stuff up‘ yes we know!

Inchgarth - Asda story telling again picture

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