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International Scotland a dedicated consumer beware news blog with related news stories updated several times a day, we also promote best practices where we find them.

In the last several years we have constantly warned our readers of scams involving probate lawyers and associated criminals intent on stealing estates and other types of property assets.

We have uncovered serious crimes on our sister website at probate scam where we uncover and help other victims join the dots and we continue to provide this as a free service and for future educational purposes.

Bing and Yahoo search engine rogue employees or agents are continuing to block the site by allowing bribes to purchase their help in blocking this site despite assurances from Bing that this is impossible and ignoring the fact there are 600 internal links showing on Bing webmasters account with none showing on their search index proves the point without doubt!

We also have not forgotten to praise services that outshine the rest both here in Scotland and beyond and will continue to do so.