By | July 22, 2019


Philip Hammond’s announcement that he will resign as Chancellor rather than serve under Boris Johnson is the latest sign that parliamentary arithmetic could stop the next Prime Minister, the SNP has said.

The SNP is determined to block a No Deal Brexit – and a clear majority of MPs oppose such an outcome.

Boris Johnson was dealt a major blow this week when Tory rebels ensured that the next Prime Minister will not be able shut down parliament to force through a No Deal Brexit.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford said:

“Nobody was expecting Philip Hammond to stay in the Treasury in the event of a Boris Johnson premiership.

“But his resignation on Sunday morning TV was a dramatic blow to Boris Johnson before he’s even formally won the keys to Downing Street.

“The threat of a No Deal Brexit is very real – but what’s now clear is that senior figures within the Tory party could join others in stopping it.

“That offers us an enormous opportunity – and could leave Boris Johnson as the shortest serving Prime Minister in history.”