Thank goodness that all black Friday mobile deals are coming to a end in a few days time here in the UK.

Mobile phone black Friday scammers were really at it this year in 2023 like no other year.

All third party sellers were at it just like the the main mobile phone networks by adding £5-10 pounds per month over and above what they were in November the previous months.

Black Friday deals are should be called rip-off Britain month from now on.

Providers were even putting up the deposit values by a factor of 4 times what they were before just 10 days before this so-called bargain sales events.

Word on the high streets are that consumer’s are not as daft as they once were and learning to stay well clear of these bargain stupid events.

If you took a black Friday deal remember that when prices drops in a few days time to use your 14-28 day cooling off periods to return and refund and get the same handset that can save $300 or more.

All these stupid actions does is dent consumer confidence ever further and send the country into the dark ages.

The ASA should take a serious look at these mobile phone providers and fine them heavily for being a bunch of pork piers,