Cloudflare is excellent at protecting your WordPress website, but their new Domain Registration service is an utter scam, and we will explain why.

Cloudflare domain register scam comes in at least two forms.

Tonight I registered a brilliant generic name with them and almost instantly it was rendered useless and defunct before it started.

Would anyone believe they do not allow name server changes or even Register Transfers, this is simply taking in unsuspecting customers and then holding them to ransom sometime down the road.

It is however bizarre they push transfers to from say Google Domains or GoDaddy.

But once you have transferred any domain, you are in big trouble if they decide to charge more for renewals.

This used to be the case in the early days, when hosts were left by the wayside and frowned upon by the community.

Their community forums blocked my request for an explanation and if you search any terms regarding this issue it is either deleted or placed in a hidden folder, this is outrageous and downright dangerous for many website owners.

It is obvious it is a plan to entrap unsuspecting customers into a false sense of security and if you find yourself in this position the only way to use their business plan upgrade costing 2400 dollars PA.

Their forum admin team claims it because they make no profit, it’s only a paid service for their clients as long as they are not on the free plan service that is.

And none of these pitfalls are clear or warnings before you purchase the domain, this must be unfair contract terms and very sharp business practices.

So watch this space will they capitulate, no chance this is how they will recoup by offering free Cloudflare plans of the past.

Before transferring any domain, make sure you can change name servers and transfer if you find they are a crap service, don’t do as this so-called professional did and got scammed big time.

Please read this capture to prove they are at it, notice the reply is talking about transfers only, not purchasing the domain from them directly!


I have initiated an official dispute with ICANN dispute as set out above, ICANN Case 0130668*