By | August 18, 2021


You got to hand it to that James Beresford the greatest liar in the history of English Legal profession not only did he lie to the rolls building in London but 2 weeks ago in his local court of Liverpool but now we find he lied to the probate office and now HMRC as well.

You see in reality it was easy to get away with because courts in general allow some leeway and they don’t really question high powered solicitors as they are meant in most part to be officers of the courts.

The probate office only deals with executers of the said wills so they could pretty much say whatever they want and it matters not one jot what any beneficiaries finds out they have little impact on this legal procedures.

Once an executer contacts HMRC yet again he can say anything they like and as they control the paperwork HMRC cant investigate anything a rogue solicitor might try to get away with can only be stopped when the estate gets completed.

So what are we saying about Pinocchio Beresford, well first we can confirm again Beresford used a charted surveyor in Preston who travelled 65 miles outside his local area that even his own firm at the time was not aware of, he then created a mega low valuation of just £345,000 when a court order in Liverpool high court stated it had to sell for at least £750,000 yes £405,000 light and the super doper wealth manager Beresford and Charlotte Pritchard of BLM Law never even batted an eyelid.

Now we can speculate all day long about their motives but we know now the said surveyor as as soon as he handed in his valuation COMPLETELY UNSIGNED left his job and went to the local police estates department and to the same nick as one of the other lesser beneficiaries of this estate who just happens to oversee crimes against the elderly, what an amazing coincidence, oh there’s lots of them in this probate case?

Now for all you budding solicitors that loves reading these James Beresford BLM chronicles ask yourself why no-one in BLM never questioned the valuation being so low?

How many of you out there knows there is an abundance of high court judgements that says any value outside the normal 10% plus or minus is OK,  15%  either-way  borderline, 20% out is simply wrong but this professional RICS registered valuer managed to get it wrong by an astonishing 132% below the average price in Hoole Road Chester and Beresford never even questioned it???

Now before you start jumping up and down its a previous detached Chester guest house with 12 large bedrooms 9 on suite bathrooms a kitchen and reception rooms parking for several cars and any comparable local properties at 345k would be a 4 bed semi-detached so we can comfortably state A.L never even visited the said property of-course in his statement he said it was wet not according to the local weather that day it only rained very early morning, its amazing what wet days for surveyors to miss loads of stuff.

We have asked the Guinness Book of Records that this is a new world record for underestimating a estate value we think A.L we have that record for quite sometime and again BLM Law stays silent is your wealth really as safe with them as they claim? I am only the messenger the burden of proof is on them just don’t hold your breath.

Given their on-going cooperate claims that no-one can look after your wealth better than Beresford and Pritchard this is all getting rather embarrassing for the brand name!

Lets move onto the probate office, several times they knocked back Beresford’s letters of Administration we think its because the probate office knew various things like, it used to be a guest house therefore Business Property Relief would be applicable although strangely BLM ignores a charted accounts Signed report that is was rock solid BPR!

We now know Beresford and BLM compliance lied to the probate office in Leeds because they claimed the estate was not £345,000 but claimed it was £450,000 without a shred of written evidence, their valuation was November 2020 they went to the probate office in April and last week they put in a legal bundle that contained only the £345,000 Charles Parker Bennett of Preston valuation with all names and signatures removed if they were there to start with and in-between Nov 2020 till last week they told the beneficiaries nothing at all.

So why did they not produce the valuation of the property simple even the probate office is not that stupid but we know why exactly why this was done!

On to the HMRC its no secret they already smell a rat as the late Mavis Banks was registered as a business so its even stranger that Beresford claims no such allowance can be claimed but it gets worse for poor James he also told HMRC a pack of porkies he also told them the estate was only worth 450k not the valuation of 345k but the main reason for this is as follows;

BLM Law went to the main beneficiaries private bank account that the nationwide transferred from Mavis Banks nationwide business account to Dr Jones own account because on death it was below their £50,000 threshold to release deceased accounts!

Beresford at the time was so desperate to damage the the main beneficiaries ability to start litigation proceedings against Beresford and BLM they simply asked Nationwide to transfer the £49000 to BLM Law they then deposited the monies into HMRC and claimed NO BPR just so Dr Jones was unable to raise proceeding shows just how low BLM Law can actually go.

So if your not following this line Beresford NEEDED a reason to tell HMRC the property was worth only 450k because there was £50800 held in cash from the estate (11,000 pounds has since went missing from bank accounts some wealth manager and firm this is?)  If Beresford used the only legit valuation he should have used the original 345k valuation but if he did that going to the nationwide as he did with no letters of administration or a order of the court would mean his and BLM’s end game as there would have been no tax to pay if they Claimed BPR – this is all mega corrupt that BLM Compliance was fully aware and we have all this evidence in writing!

The damages they have caused is substantial and it was all in aid of protecting the first removed executer who in 2015-20 also claimed it was only worth 450k amazing that and now 2 weeks ago a high court judge ordered that this 345k valued property can NOT be sold for less than £750,000 NOTHING LIKE PRICE FIXING AMONGST CLOSE FRIENDS nothing else explains other than being utterly INCOMPETANT?

BLM Law has yet to apologise to any of the said beneficiaries is quite frankly shocking!

Dementia fraud is all about stealing from little old ladies, we are not them!