Energy company customers who have credit accounts are being scammed like never before, some customers are more than £5000 in credit and are being refused refunds.

Of course, OFGEM is doing virtually nothing to protect customer rights by not enforcing limits on what credit limits to impose as the maximum overpayment in any one personal account before energy companies must refund monies.

OFGEM claims they are working on it, yet we have heard it all before and nothing ever happens.

Energy companies are refusing to allow customers to lower their direct debits, but if you’re reading this article, there is a way to force your supplier to give you a refund.

You can always switch suppliers, and then after four weeks, they have to refund your excess credit no matter what.

Because there are very few deals in the UK energy market moving suppliers will only be charging you virtually the same tariff so only do it if you need the refund but tell your supplier you will leave them if they don’t refund the credit anyway.

In the meantime, if you don’t want to change supplier, you can ask the supplier directly to lower your direct debit payments or ask for a payment freeze till your actual energy use catches up.

Of course, suppliers have to give you a great reason why they won’t allow these options and if all else fails then complain to the regulator that you are being scammed, and you want a refund.

If there was any defense for the energy scammers it would most likely be in the form that they have lots of customers that are not in credit but debit but all they are doing is trying to recoup lost profits from good customers, that’s still a scam in anyone’s book!