As an update to last weeks story about Bing operatives being bribed in to removing posts that describe their working models to rip-off wealthy estates we have another piece of the puzzle for others to understand and hopefully fight back.

Every web based search engine business or provider has electronic bots that either come to a website when either it updates or on the back of a website visitor.

If the page is reasonably easy to read in other words not to many W3C validation errors it will read the entire new post page and if the website has a reasonable built site will then spider the entire website that may include 1000’s of internal or external links including all meta tags.

The bots then return to base and depending on the META deposited determines how quickly it gets indexed.

When a story has certain keywords or if a particular high profile website releases new info like this site and does all the time company reputation managers will copy the links from that site contact the company or individuals concerned and offer a paid service to either remove the said article or wiping the website all together.

They normally do this as an agency rather than getting their hands directly dirty themselves as plausible deniability its also true to say they do this for every industry not just dodgy solicitors here in the UK.

So how do they do it, most of the time they simply ask search engines to remove damaging posts or stories without proof their clients are NOT guilty or showing any proof to the contrary it seems their word is taken every-time but where does that leave freedom of speech?

If that does not work they have teams of insiders that simply does the dirty work for them where the manually access all these search engine main frame server points and remove websites or actual links from that particular search engines.

Search engines say this is impossible, its not any bot can be programmed to search for any content on a site whether that’s a hidden page open pages or even just images or other types of meta tags and similarly they can be programmed to miss or ignore websites or actual post links this is not rocket science.

One of the largest abuses here comes in the form of websites not apparently meeting the standards of each search engine, now bots can report errors and phishing sites to stop bots entering websites all together, this seems to be the flavor of the month with these corrupt internal search engine workers.

Hard to blame us gov it was the actions of the BOTS nothing to do with us and when the website authors finds out how do they contact engines directly its not that easy let us tell you.

As it stands we are all Bing and Google Webmaster Gurus so we know exactly how to contact them but each time we do it may take months to fix and takes seconds for the criminals to put your site in the dark again at an even greater cost to the business trying the block it.

We have asked Bing to log the server logs and see who these criminals are, they have said it was a good idea but they still have not reinstated this website to their indexes or if they did its back off-line just as quick.

We don’t really care this site has been going since 2006 so we get over 100,000 page-views a month in any case so they are wasting their cash trying to block us all the time as the truth will always get out anyway.

If those greedy and corrupt solicitors wants to avoid bad press its simple just clean up your act and stop stealing estates from probates!

More info here.