Monkey Dust Drug Fears are on the increase in Scotland due in part to its cheap to use zombie effects which seems to be used more often by homeless people.

It is thought this new monkey dust drug first surfaced around the Stoke/Manchester area around 18 months ago and is causing massive concerns and there is a growing concern that this should be reclassed as a class B drug to a class A although it would make zero difference to the end user and only effect drug dealers in longer prision sentances.

International Scotland has reached out to the charity Dadscare and they have had intel from clients that this drug is on its way to Scotland and its no big secret this could be the drug of choice because its so cheap to purchase.

The BBC victoria production this mornings guests has stated this has caused many deaths already although it might not be officially recorded as such!

Monkey Dust Drug Fears aer well founded given what this rehashed compound from a 2010 formular causes its users to have emence strenght and of seeing things that seems very real.

Regular Drug Users that have used samples of this drug have stated its effects are off the scale of anything they have every tried before this was also stated on the BBC this morning and creates a massive fear this may be the drug of choice in the future!


Oklahoma Masonic Lodge Meekie 479

Oklahoma Masonic Lodge Meeker 479.


Oklahoma Masonic Lodge Meeker 479 one of Oklahoma’s greatest and best loved Freemason Lodges of America.


Oklahoma Masonic Lodge, Meeker 479

This lodge is a stand-alone building at the northeast corner of Loy Street and S. Fowler. It is a two-story native stone building, constructed in 1938. A keystone above the arched entry shows this date.

This is a rectangular building with a hip roof covered in red metal siding. The windows are all one-over-one double hung, set as singles, and in groups of two and three, and have stone sills. The main entrance, facing west is recessed under a stone arch. Set high to the right of this entrance is a cornerstone which reads: Meeker Lodge No. 479 A.F. & A.M., with the masonic emblem.

The Meeker Lodge is affiliated with the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the state of Oklahoma.

The lodge opens 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 7:30PM all brethren are warmly welcomed and new members to the craft from the local area is also welcomed and if you would like more information in becoming a brother of one of Oklahoma’s finest freemason lodges please contact their Secretary at



Final Response Scottish Governments Petition Number 1673

Final Response to Scottish Governments Petition Number 1673.

Mo Dhachaidh,

South Road,


By Fochabers,


IV32 7LX.

Tel 01343 870310

28^th July, 2018.

The Convener,

Public Petitions Committee,

Scottish Parliament,


EH99 1SP.

Dear Convener,

*Petition Number 1673*

Please find attached my response to the submissions by Social Work 
Scotland and Scottish Children's Reporter Administration in relation to 
the request for comments from them by your Committee on 10^th May, 2018, 
in relation to Petition 1673.

Yours faithfully,

James A Mackie.

*Response by James A Mackie to submissions by Social Works Scotland and 
the Scottish Children Reporter Administration to Petition Number 1673.*

Fully supported in this by the Scottish Dadscare Charity

1/This response has been compiled from comments by mothers, family 
members, advocates, lawyers and professionals in child protection, all 
of whom have experienced firsthand the points in Petition 1673.

I have knowledge of the misuse/misinterpretation of both legislation and 
guidelines by “professionals” in order to take children in to care for 
periods of years, often for life.There is great dismay as to why Who 
Dares? Scotland (a major contributor to the Independent Care Review 
Group) and Circle Scotland failed to respond to your request for 

There are concerns over the personal interest/involvement in 
Children's Hearings by Rona Mackay, MSP. Should she exclude herself from 
further discussion/decisions on Petition 1673 or not.

2/Nobody disputes that in some cases children need to be taken into care 
and children may have better outcomes than if left at home. 

The concerns are about high numbers being taken into care (with the majority being 
denied any form of access/communication with mothers and family – all 
contrary to the Legislation and Government guidelines) unnecessarily 
leading to major and serious long term outcomes for children and their 
families.The terms assault, abuse and neglect are key elements in every 
application to Sheriff Courts or Children's Hearings.A family member 
grabbing an errant child by the clothing to prevent that child causing 
serious injury to themselves or another is classed as assault.

Parents who shout at an errant child to stop them running into harm e.g. a 
roadway are accused of verbal abuse.Failing to iron the clothes of a 2 
and 4 year old has been listed as a sign of neglect. 

Parents and family members who question a social worker are automatically classed as being 
non-engaging, therefore a threat to the child.

3/Within politicians, every part of the “Corporate Parent” group and 
charities (some of whom have a large commercial and financial interest 
in the status quo) there is an institutional and engrained belief that 
every mother is a threat to a child, therefore that child needs to be 
taken into care.There are over 60 Government and Local Government 
agencies and bodies as Corporate Parents responsible for “looked after 
children” The public question why so many organisationsare involved in 
child protection – organisations such as Scottish Fire and Rescue for one.

4/In her summing up on 10^th May, 2018, the Convener, *Joanne Lamont, 
MSP* hit the nail firmly on the head when she said clearly/“…..//in 
relation to the petition, we would want to look at whether we are 
inappropriately bringing children into care because there is not enough 
support or because there is a mindset that says that that is the 
solution.”/*Brian Whittle, MSP*said *“…..*/in raising the issue, the 
petitioner continues to keep child protection at the forefront. 

I also agree with you, convener, in that there are some issues around early 
intervention that still have to be addressed.It would not do any harm to 
continue to flag that and investigate it.” /*Michelle Ballantyne, MSP 
*said*/“/*/Because this is quite a complicated area, which spreads into 
what we are doing on vulnerable two-year-olds and the early years, there 
is a big conversation to be had about how we support families and how we 
prevent children from ending up in the hearings system and in 
care.”/*Maggie Mellon* in a previous submission to the Scottish 
Parliament, said :- “/children are often more harmed by separation than 
by anything they were suffering at home/.”

5/The question in child protection is why are so many children (1.6% to 
2% of all children) in Scotland are being “looked after” by Corporate 

The Lord Clyde Orkney enquiry of 1991/92 was the closest legal 
enquiry into how children were taken into care.That case was based on 
accusations of sexual abuse within a group of families.Lord Clyde made a 
total of 185 recommendations, most of which have been ignored in child 
protection since then. In his report he made many comments and 
suggestions about improving Children’s Hearings.

The Rt Hon Lady Ann Smith enquiry is about abuse in care that occurred some 30 to 50 years 
ago. It is historic and has no relationship to current practices.

6Much is said about the current Independent Care Review Group.

It is not “independent”.Members are either employed by organisationsthat are 
heavily involved in child protection or have been appointed by 
organisations involved in the care of “looked after children”.

Among the members, three organisations are under complaints investigation 
nationally, both internally and externally under civil law for the way 
they have dealt with families and child protection matters.Over 60% of 
the secretariat including the secretariat leader all have back grounds 
in child protection.Therefore there are no members who are completely 
independent of child protection, particularly “looked after 

Considering that all child protection matters are governed by 
legislation, it is strange that no fully trained legal person is a 
member of the Review Group.Further concerns are there are no 
representation by mothers or families where their children have been and 
are still in care.

Having made a 200 page plus submission to the 
Independent Review Group, met with the Secretariat Leader and studied 
all their publications and enquiry directions, the remit for the 
Independent Care Review Group is purely to look at the situation of 
children once in care.The Independent Care Review Group does not have 
the remit, qualified persons or resources to carry out the enquiry 
requested by Petition 1673 into how so many children end up in care.

7/Over the years there have been a number of “independent” reviews and 
enquiries into all aspects of child protection but excluding how 
children came into the system, on what grounds they were taken into care 
and the psychological, social and financial outcomes for the child, 
parents and family.

Each review/enquiry was carried out by individual 
organisationswithin child protection.Each organisation appointed its own 
committee members, set the remit, protocols and procedures for the 

All were set up to look at procedures within the system, 
not the outcome for children and parents. Most “evidence” was gathered by 
the use of questionnaires designed by the organisation, all of which 
were worded to give the response the organisation wanted – i.e. 
confirmation of their mode of operation. 

The net result is the situation 
we are in today where more and more children are ending up “looked 
after” not at home while legislation, Court judgement and Government 
guidelines are total ignored.

8/Social Work Scotland refers to the Child Protection System Review. 

It was commissioned by Mark McDonald MSP, Minister for Childcare and Early 
Years, to examine the role and function of Child Protection Committees; 
the use of Child Protection Registers and Child Protection Case 
Conferences; and the efficacy of Significant and Initial Case Reviews 
and to recommend what changes or improvements may be needed to these 
underpinning processes and structures in order to protect children more 

The Review did not examine why children came into care, it 
only reviewed current practices and took evidence from 

The report does not indicate any contact with children 
and families on the taking of children into care.It did not cover any of 
the main issues within Petition 1673. The report reinforces and imbeds 
current practice in the current system of “looked after Children”. The 
recently published report “Falling Through The Cracks” by Kezia Dugdale. 
MSP, should be read and understood by all Corporate Parents.

It identifies 84 children who have died in care in the past 10 years.

9/In a system where mothers are being accused of abuse, neglect and 
assault on their children, it is both morally wrong and a clear breach 
of Article 6, therefore Article 8 of the ECHR to say that it is correct 
that the child protection system should be carried out under a civil 
legal system rather than at the higher standards of a criminal Court. 

To remove legal representation from Children's Hearings would bea very 
serious breach of ECHR and would give Corporate Parents a far stronger 
control over the lives of Looked after Children, many of whom 
alreadyhave serious outcomes.Each child and parent is legally entitled 
to representation at a Hearing. 

To remove them would leave very emotional 
and psychological traumatised mothers and parents with no help 
whatsoever against what many lawyers and others describe as social 
workers reports that are full of mis and dis information and lies. There 
are no statistics available to show how many mothers/parents have been 
dealt with under criminal law, surely a much required step to prove that 
the child needs taken into care. 

Even when cleared in a criminal investigation, the original complaint is still used against the mother 
to have children taken into care.SCRA state in their response that Local 
Authorities have a lack of resources to provide proper family 
support.They state that many LA’s do not have any family support 
services available, hence reason more children are taken into care.

That can only be classed as a major disgrace.However, unable to provide 
family support, Local Authorities are prepared to pay high sums of money 
to Foster Carers (who have to be registered as self-employed with 

Foster parents are paid between £11000.00 and £36,000, per child 
per year plus other expenses.It is estimated that Foster carers in 
Scotland are paid between £240 million and £430 million per year from 
public funds. The higher sum would employ approximately 9000 
professionally trained family officers to support families in their own 

10/Between the different Corporate Parent Groups, classification of 
children and reference titles are confusing and misleading by 
name.Supervision Orders, Looked after Children and Referrals to Hearings 
are all words used to describe the same figures.Social Works Scotland 
website shows that in 2016/17 there were 14897 children “looked after” 
and a further 2631 children on Child Protection Orders.

A total of 16780 Of “looked after children” 3766 (25%) were looked after at home, 
down from 43% in 2007. No figures are available for residency of children 
on the Child Protection Orders.“Legally secure permanence’, has 
increased every year since 2012, and now stand at 2,064, a 4% increase 
on 2016.

11/Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration figures for the same year 
show the following. 9996 on compulsory Supervision Orders of which 4486 
(45%) were at home.

Why is there such a discrepancy between the two 
organisations?Does any organisation know how many children are actually 
“looked after” at any one time and how many are with parents?SCRA 
statistics show 20% of these referred are offenders.The same statistics 
show that 75% of all referrals to Hearings are by the police.SCRA tend 
to base a lot of their statistics on “referral” numbers. 

That is completely misleading as one person can be referred on a number 
occasions and does not give a true figure of how many “looked after 
children” there are within the system.Both Social Works Scotland and 
Scottish Childrens Reporter Administration web pages provide very long 
complicated spread sheets of data that the layman has great difficulty 
trying to understand.

As Kezia Dugdale, MSP, states in her report, far 
too much information is not available as to the reality of children in 
care and afterwards.That is a major problem across all of child care.

*The real cause of problems within Child Protection in Scotland*

The centre of child protection in Scotland is the Children's Hearing.Set 
up in 1971 their remit was purely to dispose of juvenile offenders who 
had either admitted their guilt or had been found guilty in a Sheriff 
Court.The idea was to remove juveniles from the criminal court system 
and dispose of the cases in a more sympathetic and caring manner.

It allowed individuals to enter adult life without criminal convictions 
except in very serious cases. Panel members to the Hearings were and 
still are lay people.Their training was and is on how to run a 
Children's Hearing and what decisions they could make in dealing with 
juvenile offenders.They made their decisions on reports compiled and 
submitted by social workers.SCRA was and still is an administrative body 
tasked with the management/administration of Children's 

Children's Hearings had no remit or training in hearing 
evidence from social workers and the mother/parent to decide for 
themselves the merit of the allegations against the child/mother/parent.

Today,(47 years on) the situation is completely different but the 
remit, role and function of Children's Hearings has not changed.Since 
1971, the number of offending children to welfare children appearing in 
hearings has gone from 100% to 20%.

Social workers still produce and submit reports to the Panel Members and/or the Sheriff.In applications 
to Sheriff Courts, especially to have children taken into care or 
parental rights moved, the parents are very rarely informed in advance 
and submissions/reports are not submitted under oath.The “evidence” laid 
before the Sheriff by the Reporter is a social workers opinion of the 

No further enquiries are done or anybody representing the 
child and mother/or parents is asked for their opinion of the 

The Sheriff does not have the opportunity to hear the 
child/mother/parents arguments or questioning of the information 
submitted to the Sheriff.

The child/mother/parents, because of the secrecy, do not have the opportunity to have legal representation at the 
Hearings which are always held in private and often out with the Sheriff 
Court.In one recent case, and only with the intervention of an MSP, a 
mother discovered that without her knowledge, a solicitor who had had no 
contact of any kind with the family, represented her in a Hearing.

The net result is that a Sheriff or Children's Panel have no option but 
follow the social workers report and make an order for the child to be 
taken into or kept in care.

Once a child has been taken into care through this process, there must 
be a “48 hour Hearing”.That is in front of a Children's 
Hearing.Depending on weekend days and public holidays the “48 hour” 
meeting may take upwards of 4 days. 

As said above, the Panel Members have no remit or training on hearing evidence from either side, whereby 
they can make a balanced decision. All they can do is make a decision on 
the reports submitted to the Sheriff by the social workers.

It should be borne in mind that children/mothers/parents are normally in a state of 
emotional and psychological trauma as a result of their children having 
being removed from the family (at any time of the day or night), have 
had very little chance to read the information given to them when the 
children are removed from the home or to instruct solicitors.

From the mother/parents viewpoint it is a case of “guilty until you prove your 
innocence”.In his report Lord Clyde states:- “/It is by no means clear 
that a Sheriff would feel particularly qualified to challenge at his own 
hand the combined opinion of professionals who had been consulted and 
the feeling that the decision is little more than an endorsement of a 
decision reached by others could well be experienced by a Sheriff as 
well as a Children's Hearing”./

The only information that a Children's Hearing receive for a Hearing is 
the report of the social workers.With such short notice given of the 
contents of the papers (3 days), very very few parents have the time and 
skills to challenge any of the contents.

As said, the Children's Hearing 
does not have the remit or training to sit as a judicial body receiving 
information/evidence from both parties and making a balanced 

No minutes/records are kept of a Children's Hearing, only the 
final decision.Challenges to the contents of the social workers report 
are ignored and never recorded.The net result is that the social workers 
report is filed without amendments and goes unchallenged for future 

Neither Children’s Hearing Scotland or SCRA have procedures for 
dealing with complaints that information submitted to a Hearing is 
incorrect or even lies.

Children/mothers/parents when making such 
complaints are advised to take the complaint up with the Local 
Authority/other body.

It is the experience of mothers/parents/relevant 
persons that such complaints are denied by the Local Authority/other 
body and the complainant referred to the Scottish Public Services 
Ombudsman or appropriate authority.Only the procedures in handling the 
complaint can be examined.Even if procedures have been found to be 
incorrect, the original complaint cannot be reexamined.

Appeals to the Sheriff on a Children's Hearing Decision are held on procedural 

In some cases Sheriffs have refused to uphold an appeal on the 
grounds that there has been no written reason from the Children's 
Hearing as to how they came by their decision.

Social workers and Children's panel members have no training 
qualifications in a wide range of medical conditions including and 
particularly learning disabilities/difficulties.

Yet they continue to make decisions purely on their opinion.In upholding an Appeal on 1^st 
March, 2017, the Supreme Court ruled that in one case, decisions on the 
case in Scotland had been made purely on opinion with no evidence to 
back them up.

In his report Lord Clyde made many observations on the 
workings of Children's Hearings, most of which have been ignored.

There is no method/system whereby parents can challenge false reports to 
Children's Hearings and a Sheriff Court. 

The net result is an increasing number of “looked after children”.

For clarification of the operation of a Children's Hearing, the 
Petitions Committee may consider asking the Scottish Criminal Justice 
Council to produce a report on the current system, its compliance with 
current legislation and compatibility with the ECHR. 

In doingso the SCJC may interview families who have encountered the system rather than the 
professionals working within the system.

Dadscare charity agrees 100% and it is the most complete and honest
 reponse to date
James A Mackie (Agricultural),
Mo Dhachaid, South Road, Garmouth, Moray, IV32 7LX,
Tel 01343 870310.



Trump flip-flop is now the all-time biggest flip-flopper ever and its so funny, how can America support such a flip-flop leader.

Trump in Big Trouble

Trump Flip-Flop






I thought he cleared this all up last week when he said itv was them after all – what have they got on him, we all know what his son said a few years back we make more money from Russia than all other interests put together, was he lying or just another Flip Flop apprentice in the making?



Trump in deep trouble, we have heard it so many times, this website has told you for years Trump is bad news and did anyone listen?

Trump in deep trouble with the Stormy latest, Mr Trump was asked on airforce one “did you know about the payment”? NO he says, is he for real, his body language was all over the place – he thought who is going to find out and besides even if the do my base will just think its fake news as they believe anything I say anyway, not anymore?

Not this time trumpy, Trump in deep trouble he sure is and tonight our contacts are saying its a lot more severe then trumpy could ever have thought theres recorded tapes everywhere in CNN is reporting the same info as we have been told?

Trump knows if International Scotland says something we are always spot on, we were the first blog to say it loud and say it proud that trumpy hates gays and we were right way back in 2016 he used to read this site daily as we have had more than our fair share of legal run-ins with him his so-called super doper all singing, all dancing usless web team that cant even w3c validate his websites just makes us laugh!

He tried bully us and took us to WIPO who broke every regulation in their books just to say yes Mr Trump three bags full, anything you say sir!

Trump in deep trouble and even he can’t climb out of the hole he himself has dug and hes an expert hole digger, just ask the then 84 yearold Molly Forbes around 10 years ago, yes he tried to bully her as well?

Then there was last week, we are not going to comment on that other than saying he was caught out lying again with the Sun newspaper, the guy is a Liar, Liar Trumps Pants are on Fire and Trump in deep trouble! yeeha!

Although he loves to be in the news and that poor Mrs Trump, I hope he’s done the right thing and went down on his knees and asked for forgiveness? Your joking, no-way his massive ego would allow such personal weakness or he would have to ask his best bud Vlad to give him a slap special at his next very private meeting in September if hes still in the oval office that is?

Why has the American press not asked the first lady her thoughts on all this begs the biggest question they were never this slow when Mrs Clinton was being asked what poor Monn* was doing under Mr Clintons office desk?

Last night he proved Trump was in Deep Trouble by doing what he always does he comes out with utter rubbish on fake news and blames them for himself making a fool of himself again over Russia, they must be loving this stuff!

Trump in Big Trouble

Trump in Deep Trouble




TRUMP must own the copyright of FLIP-FLOP as he does it almost every day on all things Russia even they must wonder if this guy is of stable mind?

If Trump is in big trouble then so are all of us including the Russian people, be carefull for what you wish for, lol.

Sony Xperia Overheating Problems Confirmed

Sony Xperia Overheating Problems Confirmed.

Virgin Media HQ has just confirmed that the long suffering owners of Sony Experia’s has a overheating issue with the camera and ony of Sony’s acreditted repairer has confirmed in writing its not considered as a faulty item, really lets examine that statement.

First all goods supplied to UK customers must be;

Goods to be of satisfactory quality

(1)Every contract to supply goods is to be treated as including a term that the quality of the goods is satisfactory.

(2)The quality of goods is satisfactory if they meet the standard that a reasonable person would consider satisfactory, taking account of—

(a)any description of the goods,

(b)the price or other consideration for the goods (if relevant), and

(c)all the other relevant circumstances (see subsection (5)).

(3)The quality of goods includes their state and condition; and the following aspects (among others) are in appropriate cases aspects of the quality of goods—

(a)fitness for all the purposes for which goods of that kind are usually supplied;

(b)appearance and finish;

(c)freedom from minor defects;



Then we have another important factor;

Section 11

Goods to be fit for particular purpose!

Section 12

Goods to be as described

(1)Every contract to supply goods by description is to be treated as including a term that the goods will match the description.

(2)If the supply is by sample as well as by description, it is not sufficient that the bulk of the goods matches the sample if the goods do not also match the description.

In what Virgin Media said in writing to the admin of this website after putting his SONY XZ back to Virgin Media’s repair team Unipart the following information that will have SONY going mental.

Sony Xperia Overheating Problems Confirmed

This was Virgin Media’s head office reply after I sent it back for the 6th time for my XZ overrheating everytime it went back to UNIPART they said FAULT FOUND – WE FIXED IT – just like they said the same thing last week that just happens to be on the same day to the same phone so virgin says no fault, their repairer UNIPART says there was and they fixed it, confused, we all are!

But we can all agree on one thing the camera overheats and unipart agrees there was indeed a fault and they repaired, well no it was all lies, it came back almost as bad as it went, you may have noticed the word prolonged in virgins response well the camera can overheat after 30 seconds and I put up a youtube video of this phone in question here that overheats after 3 mins in Scotland the hottest country in the world, not!

This proves the phone is not fit for purpose anyone else got these issues if so please share your story with others on this new and just opened on this weblink for; VIRGIN MEDIA DISPUTE WEBSITE media complaints

Virgin Mobile Phone Complaints

Virgin Mobile Phone Complaints

Virgin Mobile Phone Complaints is on the increase and its not just about signal quality now its about ripping off customers if your Virgin Mobile Develops a serious fault.

Who would have thought it possible that VIRGIN MEDIA would sink so low as to try and rip off customers by only offering the current handset value if any phone should become unrepairable rather than a straight refund or replacement and they want their customers to pay off their remaining credit aggreements!

So in effect Virgin is saying lets forget all about the sale of goods act we decide what your going to get, if anything at all?

For example Virgin could in theory supply a faulty phone and three months later the customer finds out and asks for a refund, the phones mifght be a samsung s9+ at £900 but virgin values are trade in prices which would mean the customer losing over 60% of the handsets price at point of sale?

Who in their right minds would want to purchase a phone on these stupid and scary terms, Virgin handset prices are also well above market prices in general in the first place although their airtime packages are very good value.


Of course if they keep sending your handset away for repair many times they dont care as your still paying off your handset and all the while your phone is losing value?

Look below and see a post seen on virgin medias facebook page this weekend and make up your own mind on how they refund faulty goods and the value they place on customer services.

They are also deleting customer comments that they deem bad news stories for them as their fibre broadband seems to be in meltdown all over the country?

Have you had your facebook posts deleted if you have post your complaints to this new virgin distpute website

Virgin Mobile Phone Complaints picture

Virgin Mobile Phone Complaints

Virgin Media Complaints Website

Virgin Media Complaints Website.

There’s a new Virgin Media Complaints Website just been opened to give Virgin Media long suffering customers of mainly its Broadband and Internet customers a voice.

Virgin Media has an offshore Customer Services outside the UK and its terrible, complaints are at an all time high, they also have twitter and facebook accounts but these are heavily modderatored and some posts are even removed.

Its very difficult to get a straight answer to even the simplest of enquires so some enterprising webmaster guru has setup their own dispute Virgin Media website to restore the balance and go on them we say.

The website is completely safe just login and tell your story good or bad of Virgin Media Services?

Scotland’s Childrens Hearing System

Scotland’s Childrens Hearing System

Scotland’s Childrens Hearing System is said to be Scotland’s Jewel in the Crown, lets examine this statement?

According to the Scottish Government and its partners, the Childrens Hearing system in Scotland is the “Jewel in the Crown” and is a very fair system.

If that is so, why are there 11317 in care in Scotland and not at home? Why are there about another 4000 children under the control of the Childrens Hearing system in Scotland.

Maybe the Scottish Government can explain why number of children in the system jumped by 60% between 2001 ( a few years after they came to power) and 2016?

Is it because just about everything to do with Childrens
Hearings and being taken into care is because the mothers are supposedly responsible for everything and some fathers can walk on water in the eyes of the practitioners of child protection?

Is it because the system only operates on opinion, suspicion and supposition. Evidence is ignored and the whole system works on a theory that “something may happen to a child in the future”?

The level of “evidence” required within the child protection system is lower than for a criminal court. Why is that? If a child is being taken into care should the mother/parents not expect a higher standard as they are in fact being accused of threatening abuse and or negligence towards the children, a criminal offence in Scotland.

When a social worker or a health official applies to a Sheriff for a Child Protection Order to enable them to remove a child from its home, the submission is not made under oath. Why a lower standard of law when a decision is being made to remove a child from its family maybe for a period of up to 18 years?

The system does so much for the children within it that the Children and Young Persons Commissioner for Scotland states on the official web site:-

*Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland***

*Why corporate parenting matters*


Children and young people who are care experienced or looked after have the poorest outcomes of all children and young people in Scotland.Evidence suggests that:

* 50% of the adult prison population were looked after
* 30% of looked after children become homeless
* 50% of looked after children have a mental health issue
* 4% of care leavers go onto higher education

Corporate parenting as a concept exists to try and improve these
outcomes, and to improve the level of respect people have for the rights of care experienced and looked after children and young people.

He fails to state that at least 25% of girls become pregnant by the age of 19 years, 25% are homless between 16 and 25 years of age. Also fails to say that you have a 20 times higher chance of dying by the age of 25 years.

The statistics from the Government show 19% of children now taken into care are under the age of 5 years. 70% of them are adopted, mostly against the wishes of the parents.

A Petition has been lodged with the Scottish Parliaments Public
Petitions Committee calling for an independent QC led investigation in of all aspects of Child Protection in Scotland. Full details of the
Petition plus the transcript of the submission to Petition Committee
can be found at The

Governments response to the Petition can also be read from that link.
Anybody can make a response to the Governments submission by 12th March, 2018, by sending an email to

If you have found yourself in this mess and no-one else can help you, perhaps you can get help from the Scottish A-Team, Dadscare oremail them at


Children’s Panels Not Fit For Purpose

Children’s Panels Not Fit For Purpose.

Children’s Panels Not Fit For Purpose because panel members are on the most part blinded by Social Work Mambo, Jumbo!

Children’s Panels Not Fit For Purpose, many panel members in recent years has left the service, most panel members that have stayed has an inbuilt bias against parents and a strong belief that social workers can do nothing wrong even if proven to be out and out pork piers,

The other massive problem for most hard pressed parents is the sheer amount of paperwork that comes along with each hearing that even the best solicitors find hard to cope with.

Then we have the biggest headache of all, panel member changes, many panel members don’t turn up on time or if at all, anyone reading this might say so what, well its easy to get another in but they wont be reading the case notes only listening which is no use to man and or beast.

You can request the same panel members yet no-one tells anyone or the parents about this even most solicitors are unaware of these regulations!

Most panel members are terrified to go against SW child plan recommendations in case of something happening afterwards even though there can be severe multiple problems in the look after child’s placement which means in most part they are there to rubber stamp SW teams plans.

The best a parent can hope for if they can prove the social workers are negligent is to get the panel members to agree to order a safe guarders report which loos at both parties and issues damming reports which even then if against SW is an almost complete waste of time.

Social Work only cares about one thing and that’s keeping children in care, some local authorities has such a low return to parent care it seems they have a hidden agenda to not even consider it as an option going forward.

There is big business out there in the form of fostering agencies, its not in their financial interests to have children returned home after long-term placements have broken down so they advice their employees to play dirty and make sure they have the final word to children’s panels to make sure children stay in the system and little chance of returning to the parents by just making it up as they go along, most use it as an excuse for the placement breaking down and no-fault on their parts.

Children’s panels can except any information from any source by-passing the SW team all together, this information is not checked by anyone and can paint a parent as a pedophile without recourse but enough to stain ones character in the eyes of the panel members not to return children to their parents, this must not be allowed to continue and is against natural justice and the parents human rights and then becomes part of the child’s care-first record no matter what!

Most panels don’t read the entire file, in big cases this might take 200+ hours so they only look at snapshots of the latest information which is totally unfair to the children and their parents and SW teams know this and play on it!

The biggest problem with panels is SW abuse of power you easily know if the SW team is in case file trouble they come in mob handed sometimes over 15 different professionals will appear on the day and then totally command the entire proceedings not allowing the parents to question or debate anything with the end result a win for SW.

Most people reading this will say but there’s a children’s reporter there surely not, most reporters are brilliant and stop SW from going to far or doing anything illegal but controlling who speaks next or how long is not one of their jobs?

SW knows the game they do it nearly every day, solicitors are uselessly rubbish in these proceedings.

The main game SW play is breaking the family bonds they do this by keeping the kids in-care for as long as possible and trying everything to stop family contact, this is easier to get the children to think their parents no-longer want them and make the transition into permanency (parents losing their parental rights forever) and the children’s panels is used whether they admit it or not to rubber stamp SW plans to stop contact for some the most bizarre reasons anyone can imagine!

Why does no-one talk about the above, simple, stigma! No one wants to shout SW took my kids away and SW plays on this fact but if any parent wishes to talk about their story we will connect you to the only charity that openly challenges SW abuse, please email spammers beware!


In London they are trying a new way, judges take on a case stay with it the entire time and the results are over 70% of children are returned home and stay there this would stop dodgy social workers from making up stories and total fabrications and if nothing else level the playing field for parents and their children.

In Scotland you can appeal decisions but only 3 days afterwards and most decisions are mot substantive but basically 21 day continuance orders which means SW plans are continuing as planned……


Go to the SW OFFICE OR COMPLAINTS and ask for a SAR subject to access request this details all information on the care first records of your children in care, learn what SW knows but to scared to tell you or children’s panel members!

Children’s Panels Not Fit For Purpose and needs to be more transparent and legally fair and appeals should be judge lead from in house and heard within 7 days!

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